~60 lbs born ~January 2016 crate trained housebroken

Introducing Atticus! How adorable is this German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix?! With that German Shepherd face and Australian Shepherd markings and that oh so awkward chopped tail, you just can’t resist! At about 60lbs and just over a year old, Atticus is as big as he’ll get.

If you’re looking for a good go-with-the-flow pup, Atticus is perfect. When the family is out and about adventuring, Atticus is happy to trot along side! If it’s more of a Netflix binge day, he’ll hang out, equally as content. When inside, he can be the laziest player ever, just lying on the floor, pawing at his buddies. Outside, he loves running around with his canine brother, right alongside as his partner in crime. Since Atticus loves the great outdoors so much, he’d do best in a home with a fenced in yard. Being around other dogs his size is enough exercise for him and he should be in a home with another dog that he can play with regularly.

Having been a yard dog his whole life, Atticus is still feeling out the ‘normal’ things inside. Toys are his absolute favorite! …but he has a hard time distinguishing them from, say, shoes. But hey, if you want to learn how to be a cleaner person, he’ll teach you how to keep things picked up and put away! Leash walking is also something he needs to work on, since he pulls a good bit, but with some consistency he should shapen up in not time. Now that Atticus has spent a good amount of time indoors, he’s learned how comfortable the couch is and how loving his humans are when he cuddles them! When a lightbulb goes off and you can tell he’s finally figuring it out, there ain’t no better feeling than that. When in his crate, giving him a toy keeps him from whining and if you hand him a stuffed toy and tell him to go to bed, he’ll trot on over to his crate and put himself to sleep.

With a dog at this level of cuteness, it’s only natural that he’s needy for affection 😉 Some loud noises can be a little scary to Atticus, but nothing outside of the norm. For the most part, he’s a confident pup and will trot right up to meet a stranger and share his love. He does great with other dogs and doesn’t need structured introductions, so dog parks are just fine for him. Larger dogs make him a little timid at first, but once he learns he can trust them, he’s just as playful. After all, he’s a pretty big boy but he just doesn’t realize it! He just loves smaller dogs and absolutely loves puppies. He’s quite the gentleman when meeting other pups in public, and takes correction well.

Atticus is a basically an all-around great guy. He loves kids, is gentle with them, loves dogs, is housebroken, and big ball of love! He’s not going to last long, hurry and apply before it’s too late!

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