~55 lbs born ~February 2014 sometimes crate trained nearly housebroken

Meet Bagheera! With her jet black coat and panther like walk, the name only suits her! Bagheera is about 55lbs and won’t get any large than that. She is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix and probably born sometime in 2014. She is an absolute lovebug and is sweet as can be!

Rope toys and stuffed animals are Bagheera’s favorite. She will lay down and chew on those things forever. Ropes tend to last longer as they’re harder to pull apart, but she’s just so happy to show off any toy she finds, prancing around like it’s her prized possession. If she can entice her dog friends with a good game of keep-away, she’ll run around or chase, whichever they prefer! The nice thing about Bagheera is that she tires out. Unlike some of those super high-energy dogs, she only gets spurts of spazziness and then wants to sleep. Daily exercise is certainly a good idea but she doesn’t require anything exceptional to keep her mellow-mannered.

If you’re looking for a water dog, Bagheera is your gal! Whether it be the river or a kiddie pool, she will happily jump in to cool off. If you’re an outdoorsy person, she would make a great hiking partner and she walks very well on a leash. She absolutely loves sniffing around and exploring. When meeting new pups, she can be a little awkward and isn’t quite sure how to handle a nose in her face or her tush and she does best with isolated interactions but does fine when passing on a leash. She is very food motivated and can be redirected easily with treats. If there are several dogs at once, she can get overwhelmed and isn’t sure how to react. Because of this, dog parks are not an exercise option for Bagheera. She would do best as an only dog or with a smaller dog(s). When larger dogs are around, it gets to be a competition, but she’s very friendly and gentle with the little guys; Ringo and her are great buddies!!

When it comes time to eat, Bagheera runs to her crate and waits for her meal. When it comes time to go to sleep or to be put in her crate for the day, that’s another story. You see, Bagheera has gotten a bit stubborn and we are working on getting her back into her good habits of liking her crate. Once she is in, she minds her manners just fine. Whether you need her out of the way while you’re cleaning the house or down for the night, she may only whimper for a minute then settles down for the count. Housebreaking is taking a little time and she should not have free roam of the house where she can disappear and potty. A regular schedule is important for Bagheera and if it’s cold and rainy outside… this little diva has better things to do. Sometimes it takes a little coaxing (holding her hand, walking out to the lawn, then praising her like there’s no tomorrow once she goes!), but she goes very well on a leash so a fenced in yard is not a requirement to adopt this beauty. Thankfully, Bagheera never makes a mess in her crate.

Despite her weight, Bagheera is a pretty compact dog. She’s a great size and a great energy level for someone who is looking for a companion but doesn’t have time to exercise one of the crazies. Even though she wants to be in the same room as you (she will literally follow you around the house, even if she is napping, she’ll get up to keep her eye on you), she doesn’t crave your attention until you offer it up. She finds a nice spot to lay down while you do whatever it is you need to, then on to the next task, like your little shadow. Once you meet this lovebug, you’ll want to keep her forever!

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