Benes – Adoption Pending!

~40 lbs born ~May 2016 crate trained! housebroken!

Meet Benes! Benes is a sweet 1.5 year old brown dog of about 40 lbs. He’s got so much love and energy that he makes you smile just looking at him! He’s a sweet little thing–a great dog park dog truly loving to play, run, and wrestle with other pups. He also loves to run with his human and would really thrive with an active, loving household.

This boy loves to cuddle! A bonus being that he has short hair, so no huge shedding problem. Even though he plays all-out, he relaxes when the time is right and sleeps quietly through the night with no wanderings. He’s super happy to sleep in bed with you but just fine on his own bed. This guy is house trained and trustworthy so doesn’t really spend much time in his crate. During his Foster Mom’s workday, he stays in the fenced yard chasing squirrels and lazing in the sun.

When Benes first showed up, he gobbled his food like a vacuum, but now he’s learning to slow down. He tends to want to make sure he gets every piece of kibble for himself, so feeding him in his own room is best if other critters are around.

With as much fun as Benes has with other dogs, Foster Mom thinks he would shine the most as an only pup. He shows great interest in pleasing his human and would probably tune-in and lock-on in a one dog household. Being a very smart fella, Benes has the potential to learn tons and be a loving part of someone’s life. He deserves all the attention he can muster since his puppyhood was pretty lonely.

Step right up and adopt your new best friend! He’s never met a stranger and he’s eager to meet you!

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Janis Ruchalski

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