~45 lbs born ~January 2015 crate trained nearly housebroken! great with kids!

Introducing BoJack! This stout Labrador/Terrier mix is just over 40 lbs and is probably going on about 2 years old. BoJack has recently come off of crate rest from his heartworm treatment and is now excited more than ever to get to be a dog again!

BoJack’s confidence is through the roof, but not in an overbearing sort of way. Nothing seems to scare the boy. Though he is not completely housebroken yet, he’s nearly got the hang of it! There’s only been one suspected accident in the house thus far, but otherwise he’s been doing very well. He’s also fully crate trained! BoJack loves children and is a very tolerant fellow. Being poked and prodded at is no problem at all; he just enjoys the attention! If you’re looking to get some of your kid’s energy out, BoJack is a great release as he’ll run around and play with kids all day if he could! He seems to alternate between ‘on’ and ‘off.’ It’s either running around and getting a good play session in, or sleeping on the couch!

When meeting other dogs, BoJack is pretty respectful. He sniffs them, reads their signals as to whether or not they want to play, and proceeds accordingly! He currently lives with a bundle of fur babies, some of which love playing and other would prefer the couch. BoJack was very polite and did his own thing with the standoffish bunch, then engaged in play time with the peppier group! He would do best with a doggy buddy to manage his energy levels, though it certainly isn’t a requirement. Structured introductions don’t seem to be necessary and based on his interactions with other dogs thus far, he would probably do fine at a dog park.

BoJack has a good bit of stamina and needs some outlets for his energy which can be taken care of with a few heavy duty play sessions either with other pups or playing fetch. That has proven to be sufficient, but if you love walking your dog, a couple of those would probably be fine too! BoJack will show you how much he loves you and leans a little on the needy side, but only because he’s been in the shelter for so long and finally gets regular human contact! It doesn’t last long, his neediness that is. When left alone, he finds something to chew on or just takes a nap soon enough. He’s still working on some of his manners – jumping, in particular – but he just gets so happy to see you that all he wants is a hug!

This boy is a bit ridiculous when it comes to sleeping positions… He does the tongue out deal and even sticks all 4 paws straight in the air, looking like he’s playing dead! He’s got quite the dynamic and goofy personality, always smiling 🙂 For some free entertainment and a good drainage on youngster human energy, BoJack would be the perfect fit!

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