~45 lbs born ~September 2014 housebroken

Here’s Buddy!! Buddy is 2.5 years old weighs about 45 lbs. We’re thinking he is a Black Mouth Cur/Pit mix. He is a sweet boy that loves to cuddle and play. He is a well-trained, house-broken guy who gladly follows his people around everywhere. You see, Buddy was adopted as a puppy and has been an excellent friend and a dear companion to his dad. However, in May he will begin a career with the Marines that won’t allow him the opportunity to bring Buddy along so he has asked ACR to help him find a new family for his best friend before he leaves. Buddy has an easy-going personality and gets along with other dogs, but he is happiest running around his backyard chasing squirrels. Belly rubs are what he lives for and he absolutely adores his humans. And don’t forget about those ear scratches and kisses! You can always count on Buddy to greet you at the door with pure joy and a wagging tail. Buddy LOVES to go on walks and chase toys. He is also always game for a good hike in the great outdoors and is an excellent co-pilot, watching out the window as you are driving off to your next adventure (probably looking for more squirrels! After all, squirrels are just tennis balls thrown from heaven!). Most days though, Buddy enjoys moseying around the house, sunbathing or sleeping on his bed. Could Buddy be your new best friend?!

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