Charlotte – Adopted!!!

~35 lbs born ~January 2015 crate trained housebroken

Look at Charlotte! What a beautiful and petite combination of Black Lab and pug! Charlotte weighs about 35lbs and is 2 years old. She isn’t short, but the length of her body is quite compact! Her tail curls up and sits right on her rear – to watch it wag is the cutest thing! This girl is housebroken and absolutely LOVES her crate.

When Charlotte first came to Athens Canine Rescue, she was a little hand shy and wasn’t a fan of being picked up or handled. Within just a couple of days, she has warmed up to her Foster Mom & Dad and seems like a whole new dog! Her confidence is building and she loves meeting new people but is a little slower to warm up to men. Charlotte doesn’t currently live with cats but she lives with dogs of all sizes and gets a long great. As she has gotten more comfortable in her foster home, she has started to play little by little with them.

Upon first introductions, she is a bit shy with new dogs, especially if they’re bigger or loud. But once she sees that they are friendly, she starts initiating play. She can get a bit mouthy when playing but she scrunches her jowls over her teeth and makes a precious snorty noise! Charlotte doesn’t need structured introductions when it comes to new dogs and would do great at a dog park.

Sudden movements startle Charlotte, especially if you are reaching over her head. But she is learning that people aren’t going to hurt her and is improving. Overall, she’s pretty laid back. If Foster Mom wants to play with her, she’ll frolic around or grab a toy. Otherwise, she is content to relax in her crate or on the floor near her humans. Short walks or a couple of play sessions seem to be enough exercise to keep her happy. She gets the zoomies and sprints in all directions around the backyard, dashing and darting and faking the other pups out as she zips by them.

While Charlotte is always happy to receive attention, she is not demanding. She absolutely LOVES her crate and in the middle of her play sessions she’ll run back into it almost like she’s touching ‘base’ in a game of tag! She stops for a second, wags her tail, then comes hopping back out! Her crate is also the hoarding zone for her toys. So if something goes missing, that’s the first place to look 😉 When eating, she is certainly something special… charlotte likes to bit at her water bowl and splash things around, but it’s too cute to watch!

If you’re looking for a low maintenance dog, this sweetheart is perfect! She’s content hanging out in her crate, she isn’t super needy and she stays off the furniture. She’s still working on not jumping up on people and not barking at other dogs when she is out in public, but she’s just so happy to show off her amazing foster parents that she must tell everyone! Hurry up, this unique and charming Black Beauty isn’t going to last long!

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