Corbin – Adopted!!!

~37 lbs born ~July 2016 crate trained nearly housebroken!

Meet Corbin! Corbin is a Dalmatian/Pit mix and is only about 37lbs. Since he’s still young, he’ll probably max out in the mid 50’s. He takes correction very well and is learning from his foster brother that not all dogs enjoy the silly puppy antics that he has to offer. He’s only 6 months old, so he’s still learning! Corbin currently lives with medium sized dogs, both male & female, and is doing very well with them.

Corbin is a confident pup and hasn’t shown any fear of anything so far. He’s got lots of puppy energy and is super-duper playful! Even though he hasn’t been around cats, it’s likely he’ll just want to chase them, so his ideal home would be feline-free. He’s also never met children but, because he is a puppy, he can be pretty mouthy when he plays, so it’s important that any children he meets understand that he is still learning his manners and not trying to hurt anyone. And man can this boy play! Sometimes it’s a little much for other dogs, but he is taking correction well. A good trip to the dog park is a great way to get this little man’s energy out since he doesn’t need structured introductions. Toys are another great way to keep him stimulated – he absolutely loves ropes and stuffed toys and playing tug-o-war!

Corbin is working on using the potty-bells to signal that he has to go outside. Though he hasn’t perfected the housebreaking yet, he’s nearly got the hang of it and should have it down in no time! He keeps his crate clean through the night and has proven to be very smart. Heavy duty play sessions are a must and long walks are good for him too. With an outlet for energy like that, he has started to be more affectionate in cuddling with Foster Mom. Once he learns how to politely walk on a leash he’d probably make a great running partner! He’s still learning that the leash is not another toy that he can play tug-o-war with, even though Foster Mom holds the other end of it!

Independent is a great way to describe Mr. Corbin. Being near his people is his preferred scenery but he really likes sitting outside in the sun and just observing his surroundings. When Foster Mom puts him in his crate, he does just fine whether she’s still home or leaves for the day. Chewing on bones and antlers keep him very well occupied. For a 6-month puppy, he’s pretty easy!

Corbin would do best in a home with an active family or another dog that enjoys playing. With as smart as he is and as food motivated as he 7is, he’d be a great dog to teach some cool tricks to! Overall, he’s a fantastic puppy and whoever ends up with him is going to be quite the lucky one!

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