~50 lbs born ~January 2014 crate trained housebroken!

Introducing Daphne! This happy-go-lucky gal is a Boxer mix at about 50lbs. She won’t get any larger since she is a young adult, but she will show you how much she loves life and lives for the little things 🙂

Daphne is a cute little goober who can spend hours entertaining herself. Give her a new toy or rawhide out back and she’ll toss it around, zoomie in circles, spin and dance all over the place as if it’s playing back with her! If you’re looking for a self-entertained pup, look no further! She can seriously find the fun in anything. Daphne absolutely loves food and will do almost anything for it. She is working hard on her commands and is getting awfully good at sitting when being greeted by new people. Yes, she can be a bit of a spaz, but she also likes to snooze, since the spaz in her doesn’t last more than 10 minutes.

Daily walks or runs would be a great energy outlet for Daphne, or some dedicated time outside, playing with her toys. She is an excellent running partner and is getting much better on a leash. When walking with other dogs, she is determined to be the leader of the pack. But if she is on a walk on her own, she is very polite. Despite her tendency to crash after 5 minutes of playing, she has the stamina to run a couple of miles if that’s what you’re looking to accomplish! Need that motivation to run that 5k? Daphne is it! Daphne loves other dogs but is a little awkward when meeting them. She is very polite and lets them do their thing while she waits to do hers. As a dominant female, she has an assertive play style and can be quite the talker; if she ends up in a house with another dog, it’s best that they are submissive or just as odd-balled as she is 😉

After a good play session, Daphne loves to curl up in the tiniest little ball, right behind you on the couch. She’ll fill whatever space may or may not be there and tuck herself right in. Though she loves receiving attention, she does very well on her own and can mind her manners. Her determination is impressive, so shoving a treat into a kong with some peanut butter is a great way keep her occupied. Anything food related, really. Have you ever seen those dog puzzle toys? Daphne would be a great code breaker for those! Her kisses come in spurts and she gets so excited when you share your love with her. It’s absolutely precious.

Daphne is basically housebroken, but she has had an accident here and there. Mostly, it’s her foster parents’ fault because they were gone too long… She always keeps her crate clean and will go very quickly once left outside. Daphne potties on a leash easily, so even though a yard would be a nice way to let her burn those calories, it certainly isn’t required. Because Daphne is so food motivated, crate training was easy. Stubbornness can sometimes get the best of her though, so bringing out a treat to put her to bed is the best way to seal the deal. At night, she sleeps in her crate just fine. We think she has heightened hearing though, or ghost friends, because every once in a while she’ll wake up at an odd hour and bark. It only lasts a minute, but it does make Foster Mom wonder who she is talking to…

If you’re looking for a cat-friendly companion, Daphne is not your pup… She isn’t quite sure what to do with cats, but her reaction to their reaction to her is to stand her ground and lunge… so we’ll stay away from those felines. But if you want a good running buddy or a friendly hiking pal, she’d be great! Daphne does well with kids too, but they need to be big enough to stand their ground since she can be a bit…. Bouncy? This doll has the best of both worlds since she is so easily self-entertained but also enjoys her humans when they spend time with her. So if you’re looking for something like that, you just found it.

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