~18 lbs born December 18, 2016 almost housebroken! Little Miss Mischief!

Faith is now available for adoption! This Beagle/Black & Tan Coonhound mix is one spry puppy and boy is she a cutie-pa-tutie! Her litter mates and Mama have been adopted, so now Faith needs to find her forever home!

So what exactly has little miss Faith been going through?! Good question!! Faith had Juvenile cellulitis or otherwise known as Puppy Strangles. It is an immune response to an unknown stimulus. It’s not uncommon for puppies to experience but it’s not something that happens often either, it is just one of those things you never know when to expect it. Some breeds are more pre-disposed than others but it can happen to anyone… Heinz 57’s included!! Eyelids, ears, muzzle, and lymph nodes can (and did) all become swollen and little pimples develop on the face/ears. The swelling and pimples have caused the hair loss on her muzzle and around her eyes but it’s all grown back now! Now that Faith is recovered, she’s a completely healthy and normal pup! This will not be a life-long medical condition…just a puppy condition!

Faith was born on December 18, 2016 and as of 3/20/17, weighs 18 lbs! She LOVES food just as much as her mama Holly. She is a member of the clean plate club and will more than happily give her foster siblings’ bowl a spit shine also if they happen to leave any crumbs behind 😉 She is learning how to use potty bells to signal when to go outside, but she has also started ringing the bells to signal she is hungry or she wants to play. So Foster Mom has been getting mixed signals and a few accidents are still happening…but hey at this age, that’s impressive! Generally it’s 1 accident a day, so she is being a rock-star at potty training in her foster mom’s eyes!

Faith is sleeping around 7 hours straight right now at night if she is in the same room as Foster Mom. She is learning her crate is a safe/fun place to relax but she is still whining a lot and wanting to join the fun if she can see her older foster siblings walking around. Faith is not a puppy that likes to be left out of the fun… and boy will she let you know if she feels left out or ignored! This gal is a talker and she has no shame strutting around the house telling her foster mom or siblings “Bow Wow Wow” when she wants someone to play or she wants food 🙂 She has a BLAST playing with her foster brother Forest and is always picking up toys to entice him into a game of tug of war! She already knows sit and is working really hard on her lay down command but she gets sooo excited for food she is having a hard time keeping her little butt on the ground! 😉 all in good time! She will learn! She is a sharp puppy! Hurry to adopt her, she won’t be around for much longer!

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