~54lbs born ~August 2015 learning crate training housebroken

Forest is a 1.5 year old Stafforshire terrier mix that weighs around 56lbs. Forest is mostly housebroken, but he did have a little slip up recently when fellow ACR adoptable Jett moved in. Jett walked right in the house and had a little accident. Forest was curiously following behind and as soon as Jett peed, he looked back at Foster Mom with the most pathetic “I know I’m going to get in trouble but I just HAVE to” face as he had a little accident himself. However, that was his first in a very long time! Forest is usually a rock star at waiting to be let outside! He keeps a clean crate and sleeps soundly through the night without any accidents. He doesn’t have a very strong signal that he needs to go out because his roommates tend to need more potty breaks than him, so when his little siblings go outside, Forest follows and takes advantage of the opportunity! So as long as his new family keeps him on a schedule, Forest will do just fine!

Forest’s calling in life was to be a nanny!. He has been the big brother to many ACR puppies during his stay in his foster home, most recently Holly’s puppies. He watched them grow up from the time they were born until they left for homes of their own. He kept a watchful eye over the babies while they needed to stay in the whelping box with Mama but as soon as they were big enough to start exploring the house, Forest was excitedly teaching them how to play! He would nose the puppies around and give the most epic flop when the puppies turned around and jumped on him. Then he would just lay still as they bounced all over his face, playing and tugging at his ears and lips. When play time was over and the pups needed a nap, Forest would walk to each puppy and sniff them. If he thought they needed a little tidying up he would give them a few nibbles and groom their fur until he felt they passed inspection.

As gentle as Forest can be with puppies, he does come on a little strong meeting new people. Forest gets soooo excited he just can’t contain himself and he can temporarily turn into a bit of a bull in a china shop. He settles down quick enough, but he doesn’t realize his strength in all of his excitement. You see, Forest is a lover and he just can’t wait to share ALL of his love at once with strangers. He often forgets his manners and jumps up for hugs and if someone has stooped down to see him, then of course that means he needs to jump up and give them a big ol’ kiss on the cheek. If someone is sitting on the couch, well that’s just an invitation for Forest to jump on their lap for a really good cuddle and kissin’ session. As strong as he may seem at first, once the initial excitement is over, he is very sweet around the house. He knows Foster Mom doesn’t like to be jumped on, but occasionally he gets excited and jumps up, reaching for her. Right now they have a compromise: if Foster Mom steps back, then no jumping and all 4 need to stay on the floor. If she catches his paws, then it’s time for hugs and neck scratches. Forest will absolutely melt in your hands if you scratch that oh-so-special spot on his neck 😉

As far as exercise goes, Forest is young and energetic so he needs a good energy outlet. If Forest has a doggy playmate that likes to rough house, then rough housing it is! He loves playing in the back and wrestling with fellow ACR adoptable Heidi. He will also play fetch with his foster mom if Heidi is too tired to join him for a good romp. Dog parks can make Forest a bit nervous because too many dogs barking and jumping on him at once is not his idea of a fun time. Basically, any time spent with his people is a great time, so even if he was an only pup, he would absolutely love taking long walks, hiking or even jogging as his energy outlet instead!

Forest’s one bad habit is he still isn’t a big fan of his crate. Foster mom needs to put a few extra locks on his kennel to keep him inside. Forest fancies himself to be Harry Houdini and while Foster Mom is away, he makes it his mission to escape. Once he is out, he usually just naps on the bed or the couch. Occasionally, a stuffed toy will “spontaneously combust” so Foster Mom prefers that he stays inside. Over Christmas, a few ornaments from the tree managed to explode as well. Forest insisted he was innocent, but unless a unicorn was leaving glitter poops in the backyard the next couple of days, Foster Mom had a feeling those ornaments had a little help exploding 😉 If the kennel is locked up, Forest calmly accepts his defeat and will quietly nap until Foster Mom returns home. He even walks in on command if the house needs to be cleaned so that he is out of the way for a few minutes. At meals time, when he hears that first scoop of kibble hit the food bowls, he walks back to his crate and patiently sits inside, waiting for his meal. At night, Forest will also sleep in his crate, but he much prefers to cuddle up close to his people. He gets so excited to jump into bed and snuggle, he will lay his head on Foster Mom or her pillow and fall asleep, almost immediately.

If you are looking for a new BFF that is always up for anything – from cuddling on the couch to hiking the great outdoors – this sweet boy could be just who you are looking for!

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