Hudson – Pending!!

~55 lbs born ~May 2015 crate trained housebroken

Introducing Hudson! This beefy gentleman is about 55lbs and almost 2 years old. He’s an American Bulldog/Pit mix and loves his humans! He’s already housebroken and crate trained, so what’s not to love?!

When Hudson has to go potty, he signals so that you know it’s time to let him out. He keeps his crate clean and sleeps through the night. Routines are best when it comes to crating Hudson. Though he is reluctant to enter, he only whines for a minute or two and quiets down quickly. Cats don’t bother Hudson one bit – he’s lived with a cat before and they coexisted without an issue. He also loves children! He’s been around toddlers and elementary aged kids and did fantastic! Now, he can be a big clumsy and accidentally run into them, so a little supervision is advised 😉

Hudson is a funny fellow and is working really hard on his leash manners. When he is off leash, he is great with other dogs, so long as they are not in-tact males. Because of this, dog parks aren’t great for Hudson only because you can’t guarantee that all male dogs will be fixed. But play dates with other pups in a fenced area is a great energy outlet for this guy. When Hudson is on leash, he gets to be a bit anxious and it’s not a good way to introduce him to new friends. On the outside, Hudson is a bit shy, but he’s come a long ways! In his previous days at the dog park, he would trot right up to anyone to share his love. In the house, he tends to be a little more shy toward tall men, but ultimately loves on them too once he sees how nice they are! Quick movements scare him a little, and vacuums are not his friend. Overall, Hudson takes a little time to adjust to anything new.

Exercise is key in keeping this pup happy. He certainly doesn’t have that puppy energy, but some heavy duty play sessions are a must. Once he gets his leash manners down, long walks would be great too! Hudson loves receiving attention but is not overly demanding. When Foster Mom leaves for the day, he’ll whine for a minute, but settles down quickly. He’s not a fan of being stuck in his crate if the house is still awake and active. After all, why shouldn’t he get to partake in the commotion?! Snuggles and cuddles are high on his priority list when he isn’t playing around, and he absolutely loves Frisbees!

If you’re looking for a sweet, fun-loving dog who likes to high-step and pounce on his toys, Hudson is your man! He does the cutest happy dance when he’s about to get fed! Hudson will do best with an owner who is dedicated to some positive reinforcement and consistency in his leash training. Once he’s got that down, he’ll be such a great addition to any family!

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