~55 lbs born ~February 2015 crate trained nearly housebroken!

Introducing Iroh! Iroh is a beautiful black German Shepherd mix and only weighs about 55lbs. At just about 2 years old, he probably isn’t going to get any bigger. When he first came to the shelter, he looked like he had lived a rough life and was pretty scared around people. He’s doing much better now that he has a great foster dad and a canine companion to show him the ropes!

Being around children is a good time for this big boy. Initially he is shy, but ultimately very friendly. With other dogs, Iroh is very well behaved and does not require structured introductions. He’s never been around cats though, so we’re not sure what that would be like. Upon meeting new people, Iroh tends to be a little shy. Once he realizes that they’re friendly, he quickly shows his cuddly and playful side! And then when he is comfortable, he always wants to be with his human or dog friend, cuddling away 🙂 It will still take time for Iroh to earn your trust because he tends to get nervous with loud voices and raised hands. With a little more TLC, he’ll realize that there are plenty of friendly humans out there willing to love him!

Iroh’s nearly got the hang of housebreaking. At night, he gets to sleep with Foster Dad and when he’s in his crate, there aren’t any accidents. If he’s left alone with the run of the house, he tends to have a couple here and there. He’s certainly learning quickly though because whenever he is let outside he is very good about going potty right away. Sometimes he nervous pees if he gets a little scared, but his confidence is being built up with his foster sister leading the way! Iroh does great in his crate; even though he doesn’t always go in on his own, he behaves well once he is in with minimal whining. He’s learning that his crate is a safe space and it helps him settle. If he is left alone with the run of the house, he tends to go on a chewing spree, so it’s best that he continues with crate training until he is familiar and comfortable in his new home.

Regular exercise is must for Iroh. With his current 4-legged roommate, he gets plenty of play sessions. If he ends up an only dog, regular walks or runs are recommended. Iroh thoroughly enjoys attention and wants to be as close and cuddly as possible, but he is also fine playing on his own and will check in on his humans here and there to make sure they remember he’s around 😉 When Foster Dad comes home, Iroh loves giving him welcome hugs and just burrowing in with him when they sit on the couch. Whatever commotion is going on in the human world keeps him very intrigued and he just wants to be a part of everything!

Iroh is the perfect pup for that special someone who is looking for active companionship and lots of cuddles. He’s a loyal guy who will show you how much he appreciates your love by returning it whenever he can!

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