~11 lbs born ~May 2016 learning crate training learning housebreaking good with cats, dogs and children!

Introducing Jett! Jett is a 9 month old Chihuahua mix that is around 11lbs and shouldn’t get larger than 15lbs. There’s a possibility that he has a little pug in him because of that adorable, curly tail, but that’s literally the only thing pug about him! Maybe some Min Pin to keep his slim figure? This little guy is a shadow that loves following his foster siblings around. If his people pick him up, he just LOVES to shower them in kisses! So far he has been a champ at getting along with the several 4-legged friends he shares his space with.

This little guy absolutely loves people! Upon meeting new friends, you can tell he is a little nervous but he runs up and wants to soak up all the attention. Jett really knows how to work the system. If Foster Mom is doing chores around the house, he’ll jump onto the couch for a cat-nap. If she is sitting on the couch, he puts his front paws on her and whines as if he isn’t capable of letting himself up. It’s so strange how dogs’ back legs just don’t work the same when there is a human available to assist! Loud noises are pretty scary to Mr. Jett – thunder, the vacuum, etc. but he manages a positive attitude for the most part. Overall, he is a pretty ‘on-the-go’ type of guy, infatuated with his current puppy buddy, Faith.

Cats and dogs alike, Jett enjoys all company! He has been around several dogs of all sizes and is a little intimidated at first. Though he is very friendly, he gets nervous and doesn’t like to be jumped on, so dog parks aren’t the best place to get his energy out. In general, Jett doesn’t really interact with his larger 4-legged roommates and instead focuses on the pups his size. Though he isn’t quite housebroken, he’s doing much better than when he first came into his foster home. He still needs to be broken of his marking habit and once he is neutered that should help. He also isn’t a big fan of his crate – since he won’t enter willingly, he needs to be placed inside of it. Thankfully, his complaining only lasts about 5-10 minutes before he settles down. Foster Mom is working on getting him to eat full meals in his crate to show him that that’s where he is rewarded! But so far, he only takes small nibbles.

If Jett ends up in a home with another pup that isn’t too much bigger than him, their interactions will be enough for exercise. Otherwise, a couple of good play sessions (with humans, since Jett doesn’t quite know what to do with toys yet) or short walks should do the trick. If you’re looking for someone who wants to be your best friend, he’s the perfect guy – Jett can’t get enough of his foster mom! If he isn’t getting attention from his canine siblings, then he wants attention from her – one or the other, but man does he love what he can get! Treats are Jett’s 2nd favorite thing and he’ll dance around and stand on his hind legs to show you just how much he wants it! Despite his infatuation with Faith, he can be a pretty stinkin’ cute pup himself.

With a little more work on his social skills, Jett will be the perfect lap dog! He is so affectionate and so stinking cute, how can you say no to that sweet face!? Check back in after a couple of weeks when we have an update once Jett has been neutered. But don’t let that stop you from applying today!

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