In Memory

A donation to ACR has been made in memory of these wonderful dogs. If you would like to make a donation in memory of your beloved pup and have a picture and message on this page, contact or mail a donation along with a picture and story to: Athens Canine Rescue, PO Box 7064, Athens, GA 30604.


In loving memory of Moe, who we lost on September 6, 2015. Moe was the best dog we have ever known and he brought pure and immeasurable joy into the lives of everyone who knew him, especially his girl and his boy.


In loving memory of Moe

As a young dog, Moe did a stint as a shelter dog. He then fell into a medical career as a research dog at the UGA Vet School. Upon his “retirement,” he was lucky enough to become an ACR foster dog and we were lucky enough to get him as our first foster (foster fail). He didn’t have a quiet retirement, though. He earned his Family Dog I and II degrees from Positive Pet People, mastering important skills like rolling over, prairie dog and not running away from his people. He made sure that we got walked religiously twice a day. And he did a lot of triathlons in his day; although he called them “pet-athons” because of the nonstop attention he got at all of our races!
Moe traveled everywhere with us and quickly became a true adventure dog.  Also known as the “Bark Ranger,” he loved mountains, trails, and camping, especially when he was lying on our sleeping bags (even though he had his own bed). He was never happier than when he was trotting through the woods with us. He loved drinking “outside water” from the rivers and streams that he could sniff out from a mile away, but did NOT love swimming, even though he was good at it. (He was also a very good lifeguard; barking at us whenever we stayed in the water a little too long for his liking.)  When we moved to the coast, he decided that he loved the beach, too, especially all the stinky stuff he found in the sand.

In loving memory of Moe

His happy face and energy made people ask if he was a puppy, all the way through his 15th birthday. He was such a lover that even people who claimed they didn’t like dogs liked Moe and a few jokingly threatened to steal him. From the day we met, we could sense his wise, calm and gentle soul  whenever we looked into his deep brown eyes.
Moe was so strong, incredibly brave and unfailingly loving. He will always be our favorite pup, and although we were blessed with ten wonderful years with him, it will never have been enough. You are still with us, Moe Moe, every time we hit the trail, curl up in bed or stroll down the beach. We will always love you and miss you.

In Memory of Betsy

In Memory of Betsy

It is with overwhelming sadness that I write you today. Our beloved dog, Betsy, who we adopted from Athens Canine Rescue in 2009, died peacefully Sunday, August 11.

Betsy was an amazing animal, who managed to be both incredibly playful, especially for her age, yet gentle. She was the kind of dog who would let her five year old human sister dress her up in a cape and sunglasses. She was funny and smart and – let’s be honest here- not the best listener. She was nearly inseparable from our other dog, Sid. We can see that he misses her terribly.

Her death came suddenly. She’d been slowing down for a week or so. My older daughter had been in the hospital and we thought Betsy was just sad. Sunday morning, however, we woke to find her with labored breathing, gums nearly white, and cool to the touch. I rushed her to the vet, who did necessary diagnostic tests and asked me “how far” I felt I wanted or needed to go with treating her. I told him that it depended wholly on the prognosis. Sadly, Betsy had several tumors, pretty large, one of which had very recently begun bleeding and was causing her problems. I was told that regardless of how much money I spent, he could not give her more than a 5 percent chance of having any length or quality of life. I made the decision, then, to do what I would want done for me and let the vet help her die peacefully. I held her and thanked her for her friendship and told her that we loved her and that it was okay to rest.

We have been told how lucky Betsy was to have found us and that we changed the world for her. Maybe so. We are far luckier that she came to us. Her sister is heartbroken and we are working through all if this. I have frequently used Betsy and my daughters’ pictures to talk about how children and dogs can be great friends, given the correct care, training and supervision. I trusted Betsy with my children, implicitly, while always realizing that she is a dog- and that it was my responsibility to teach them how to safely and respectfully interact.

I hope that it will have been Betsy’s legacy to convince some of the people in the world of the infinitely loving and forgiving nature of all dogs, regardless of breed. ( I will never forget the surprise of a repairman at my daughter calmly playing dress up with a dog who he thought was a pit bull.)


In Memory of Raina

I wanted to let you know that Raina, sadly, was diagnosed with bone cancer in her back leg on 3-25-13, same leg someone had previously had put a pin in. I opted not to amputate her leg, knowing full well the cancer was already long in her body. But, for the last 3 months, I did all that I could to keep her strong, healthy, and happy! She continued to love to chase her tennis ball, even with a bad leg, she was able to beat Sagan. She loved. Got love. Ate well. Went for rides. Went to my studio and met my clients. And much more.

Raina was truly an exceptional dog. She was such a good girl for me!! She never challenged me, ever! It was all about LOVE for her. She had the biggest heart!!!

Please know that I loved Raina so much!!!! I did my best to give her a loving home! And now, my house, and heart, is terribly empty without her! Sagan misses her, as well. And while I know all about the cycle of life, it is NEVER EVER easy to say those final goodbyes!!!!!

In Memory of Raphael

In Memory of Raphael

It was with tears in my eyes that I put my sweet special friend, Raphael, to rest in my flower garden. His former years of being an abused dog, had left its mark on him physically, and he had severe arthritis.

In searching for another rat terrier, I came across the picture of Raphael in the pages of Athens’s Canine Rescue. What I read sounded interesting enough that I filled out the application for his adoption. It wasn’t but a few hours that I received a call. That weekend I went to meet him. He was rather reserved. His foster mother and I discussed his background and some of his habits. It was a known fact that he had been abused and that was why he was rather reserved.

His foster mom said I could have a couple of weeks to get acquainted, so Raphael, formerly named Sneezy, came home with me. Two weeks were nearly up and the little guy just seemed to have a chip on his shoulder and I made contact about returning him. Then that weekend, we had one of those famous Georgia house shaking thunder storms. Raphael had a panic attack. His breathing turned into rapid panting and he was shaking. I was laying on my bed watching TV, and took my blanket and wrapped Raphael in it. For the rest of the storm I sat and rocked him, talking softly, until the storm was over. He gradually relaxed. But with that storm grew a bond that was very strong, and meaningful over the years. We were buds. No, I never got a face lick, and he was not much for sitting on my lap, but he would lay at my feet, or beside my bed and follow me all over. He also loved to go for rides to the Bay, to Wendy’s and get a Frosty, or to KFC for a piece of chicken. His favorite meal was his own plate of spaghetti.

I hope is some way this story will make an impression on how wonderful it is to share love with an animal that has not had a pedigree life. How a dog, who has been so abused, can give back so much love and devotion is one of life’s mysteries. Thank you Raphael. Rest in Peace.

In memory of Jack

In memory of Jack

Eleven years ago, I adopted a dog from your agency. His name was Pasi (we later changed it to Jack), and he was a stray Weimaraner- underweight, cowering, and very fearful. Because of your work, I was able to bring him to his forever home. He passed away yesterday, in my arms, surrounded by love.

I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of his life. He lived to the great old age of 13, and was healthy and happy until the very end. We were able to help him overcome the fearful nature he had been taught, and he had the wonderful life he truly deserved.

Jack was a sweet boy, and I will miss the way he would always be at my side through the day, no matter what I was doing. One of my favorite memories of him is the way he would help me put my kids to bed a night. He would come into their room, and lie down facing the doorway while I rocked them or tucked them in. I believe he was our protector. He was very loved, and is very missed.

I know when someone adopts a dog, people think they are the ones doing the rescuing, but I really believe Jack gave more to me and my family than I could have ever given to him. To paraphrase a line from Pretty Woman, I saved him, and he turned around and saved me right back.
Thank you for making this possible.


In memory of Buster

Buster was adopted from Athens Canine Rescue in 2005 and was a joy and constant companion to his family from the beginning. To know Buster was to love him – his laid back personality, his helicopter tail, and his happy hops at meal time. Buster never met a stranger and never turned down any love, snuggles, or treats that you might have to offer. He made life better for the people he was with just by being him.

We will all miss him greatly but are so happy to have had the blessing of knowing him.


In memory of Gretel

Gretel was our foster dog for two weeks, and in that short time, she touched our hearts and our lives.  She and her brother Hansel were two puppies that were rescued out of a large litter that were in an overcrowded rural shelter.  When we brought them home, the two were inseparable.  They cuddled and roughhoused together day and night.  But they had their own unique “personalities”.  Gretel was bigger and the leader of the two – like a big sister – and her brother Hansel would follow her wherever her curiosity took her.  Everything in the world was new and fascinating.  She quickly learned to climb stairs twice her size to find her “people”.  Gretel never met a person or a lap she didn’t like.  Her big brown eyes were bright and friendly.  Sadly, Gretel died from Parvovirus before she could find her forever home.  Hansel also got sick, but he recovered.  We are grateful to Athens Canine Rescue for their generosity and support through Hansel and Gretel’s illness.


In memory of Rusty

Rusty was a character — a country boy who was taken in by ACR after being struck by a car. When he came to us, he had heartworms, BB pellets in his back leg, and a limp, but that didn’t stop him from trying, time and again, to escape the back yard fence and chase after the chickens of Franklin Springs, Georgia. In our youth and his, he was our energetic companion, following us happily to each new town and adventure. We matured along with him, settling into our lives and careers as he began to sleep a little more, play a little less, and prefer a comfy cushion under the air conditioning to the allure of the great outdoors. When his quirky personality and curiosity began to transform to senility and confusion, we let him go, full of sorrow for his passing but full of gratitude for all the moments of happiness he gave us.

In memory of Belle

In memory of Belle

It is with much sadness that I need to report that our little Belle (Copeland) passed away this morning. She was a little Maltese that we adopted through ACR about 7 years ago. Jenny Manders was her foster mom.

Belle was diagnosed with congestive heart failure about 2 ½ years ago. She put up a valiant fight and lasted much longer than the vets at Mars Hill Animal Hospital thought she would. Dr. Gross and Dr. Leavell gave her excellent care.

She was a sweet baby and we will truly miss her.

Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre

In memory of Simon Pierre

Spoiled rotten. No doubt about it, Simon Pierre was a pampered lapdog who ruled the roost. Doted upon little prince – that was Simon. Rotten, rotten, rotten. He also deserved every minute of it. He was a good dog, a loving companion, and his selfless, abundant affection made his family happy. And that happiness spread far beyond Simon’s humans. He touched the hearts of those who had never even met him (though they had been regaled with plenty of doggy stories) and his loss is nothing short of tragic. Simon was a fantastic, beautiful dog, and we give in his memory so that other lost animals may get the spoiling they so richly deserve. We miss you, Simon, and you still continue to make others happy.

Good things do come in small packages.  Simon Pierre may have been small in stature, but his personality was larger than life.  ……..He will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

Simon was loved by all who knew him since his personality was so endearing.
Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn’s rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die…

Mali Nicol-Gallant
In memory of Mali Nicol-Gallant

In loving memory of Mali Nicol-Gallant

In memory of Crickett

In memory of Crickett

Crickett was a very special girl, not only to her parents, but to all those she met.  She often had people stop and say, "Look, she is smiling", and why not!  She had a charmed life!

Crickett was originally found by Athens Canine Resuce (back then, AAACRR, inc), with her mama (Cleo), and her brother (Jiminy, later renamed Pete).  We adopted her in October 1995, and from our first moments with her, we knew what being a family was all about.

From her first visit with Dr. B, to the Oncologist at UGA, she never met a stranger, and was complimented about her personality, appearance, and radiance.

We first saw Crickett when they used to show Adoptables on the local cable channel.  From then we knew she was our dog.  From her first day with us, we spoiled her!  Our souls were filled with with love and joy, and we couldn’t get enough giving her belly rubs, going on walk/jogs/runs, playing in the back yard, and cuddling on the couch.

In Memory of Crickett

In memory of Crickett

When she allowed us to get her brother, Cozmo, our family was complete!  From then on, we spent quality time at home, showed them off at Pet Washes, Claus and Paws, Mutt Struts, and in fact, there hasn’t been a board meeting in over 12 years with Athens Canine Rescue that Crickett’s name hasn’t been mentioned!

Our love for Crickett inspired us so much, we joined the board of Athens Canine Rescue in 1997, and have watched it grow and mature into 1000’s of adoptions of homeless pets into loving homes.

In memory of Crickett

In memory of Crickett

When looking at her from around a corner, across the room, while she slept at our feet, or when alone, stretched out on the bed, she gave back the most amazing energy, that drowned away all sorrow, and made you forget about everything but loving her.

It has been humbling knowing how Crickett touched so many people.  She was/is a very special little girl.  Our baby girl!  She means the world to us, and it is comforting to know she is now with her brother, who probably greeted her with a fierce tail wag, and an excited whimper!

From being 5 time owner look a like (father/daughter) champs, to using her jedi mind powers of overwhelming cuteness for people food, every second spent with her was an honor and privilege, and will always be treasured.


About 6 ½ years ago, my family adopted a senior named Jake. He was a big black dog and was fostered by a young couple. Apparently  Jake wasn’t getting a lot of nods from potential forever homes and the foster family considered adopting him themselves. We came along right before they had settled on keeping him. We were looking for a companion for our dog, Angus. It was a really hard thing to do because Angus didn’t have great doggie social skills and put off most dogs. Jake was perfect with him and we knew that he was the dog for our family.

In memory of Jake

In memory of Jake

Shortly after we adopted Jake, he was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease and we  were told that we probably wouldn’t have more than 2 or 3 years with   him. “Not a problem,” we thought.”We will just give him 2 or 3 good years.” We left Georgia 4 years ago and during  that time, Jake lived on a farm in Western North Carolina and then in Wisconsin (which he didn’t much like!). We moved back to Georgia a few weeks ago and just last week  had to make the heartbreaking decision to put Jake down. That was 6 ½ years after his diagnosis and 3 ½ years after his best prognosis! He was very brave. Even though he was probably experiencing increasing levels of pain, he never complained or had a single grumpy day in his beautiful life.

We are so VERY grateful to Athens Canine Rescue for giving us Jakey. Someone from your organization went to the pound one day and saw something in him worth saving. Thank you for picking him out, fostering him, and giving him to us. We can’t imagine the last 6 1/2 years of our lives without him, and you can’t imagine how grateful we are to you for doing what you do.

Watson Caplan
In memory of Watson Caplan

In memory of Watson Caplan

Watson Caplan died on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 in Atlanta. He was 7 years old.

Watson’s death was caused by a rare lung defect, his doctors said. We tried our best to save him but the surgery performed was unsuccessful.

Watson was born a dog, with four legs and a tail, but he lived the life of a perfect friend, constantly faithful.

Watson was born near Athens, Georgia in 2003. He was found in the woods and later taken in by Athens Canine Rescue where his dad adopted him at 8 weeks old and where a memorial will be set-up in Watson’s memory.

Watson had many friends, of both the 2 and 4 legged origins. His greatest foes were the few squirrels and cats that ignorantly ventured into his yard.

Watson loved without reservation and was generous with his kisses. He was incredibly perceptive to human feelings and uniquely intelligent. He was an obedient son, a constant companion, a patient brother, a skilled hiker and a watchful lifeguard. In addition to the many other roles Watson played, he was a full-time soldier. Each day, the mailman came to break-in, only to be frightened away by Watson.

Watson was taken from this earth much too early, leaving sad hands to miss the touch of his soft fur, sad eyes to miss the sight of his wagging poofy tail, and sad ears to miss the sound of his beautiful, excited howl as he greeted his loved ones at the door. Connecting to Mike’s New Orleans roots, Watson would “sing the blues” with Mike as he played his harmonica. He would also often go sit on the couch next to Mike, with his two front feet still on the ground and just his bottom on the couch – just one of the many human characteristics he regularly showed.

Watson is survived by his parents, who will love him, miss him and remember him always, and his sister, Murphy, who deeply misses her best friend and playmate. It has been said that “all that we love deeply becomes a part of us,” so appropriately, Watson will be buried in the hearts of his parents. We’ll always miss you, Wat.

In memory of Cozmo

In memory of Cozmo

Even though Cozmo was only a foster dog for all of 40 seconds, he was a big part of Athens Canine Rescue for the last 13 years.

When we found Cozmo, he was all of maybe 8 weeks old, practically bald from mange, flea infested, and full of worms.

Cozmo grew to be one of the most handsome, loving, intelligent companions anyone could ask for.

In memory of Cozmo

In memory of Cozmo

Cozmo graduated from Advanced Dog Obedience, and also Agility Training from the wonderful people at Pacesetter Training Kennels. He attended every Mutt Strut (and won his share of prizes), has been in EVERY ACR calendar, attended many, many pet washes, Claus and Paws, and other random ACR fundraisers.

In memory of Cozmo

In memory of Cozmo

Cozmo was a great dog to hug.  He loved to herd his toys, and fall asleep when everyone was in their place.

He loved and cared for his mommy, adored his sister, and never took his eyes off his daddy. He loved women!  Men were fine to be near, but women often got a cute little noise, and a roll of the eyes, and they were putty in his paws.

We will never have enough great things to say about a boy who had his own room, a spare room, bed in a separate room, several toys and treats, who loved his family, who had one of the cutest tail wags (used to call him our little tail wagger!), and whose cute little snoring made you smile, and who had the BEST dog yawn hands-down (sounded almost human!).  But, one thing’s for sure – he was the best friend we could ever have!  We love and miss you baby boy, and we will never forget you.

In memory of Jack

In memory of Jack

I adopted Jack from you guys back in ’95. Today I said goodbye to him. His health had been declining during the last year or so,

especially his kidneys. His condition took a turn for the worse recently.  His kidneys were failing. We tried treating him with IV fluids/etc. It worked last time, but this time it didn’t help.

He was with me for 14 years. Best damn dog I’ve ever met. Sweet, loyal, protective, all you could ask for in a friend.

I don’t recall the lady that I adopted him from, but I do recall the story of how he was found.  Jack, a mother, and a littler of pups were found on a country road.  The mother had a broken leg.  The pups were a month or two old.  Jack was still with them helping take care of them.  That’s the kind of dog Jack was.  Everyone who met him fell in love with him.

I just want to say thank you for what you do.  Without you guys I wouldn’t have had Jack in my life.

In memory of Emma

In memory of Emma

For those of you who knew my former foster dog Emma, I’m sad to report that she died yesterday.

She was playing in the woods with her family, neighbors, and neighbor dogs when she picked up a scent and ran off.  They couldn’t find her, until an hour later. She had been hit by a car.

They adopted her a year ago this week. The little boy absolutely adored Emma — it was a perfect match.

I know Emma had the best life possible with them.  And she didn’t have it too bad at my place either, getting into trouble with her foster sister Stella.


In memory of Dossie

In memory of Dossie

We adopted Dossie From ACR in May of 2003 not long after we lost our first Rottweiler to cancer. We almost did not get to adopt Dossie, since she had been placed in her two week trial period with another young couple. Fortunately for us that couple’s parents did not think a Rottie was a good choice for a family pet, how wrong they were! Dossie was the sweetest, most compassionate, caring and loveable girl we have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Everyone that Dossie met loved her bright eyes, her sweet nature and her love of life. She was more than just a dog; she was our little girl and saving angel.

Dossie was only 45 pound when she was rescued and after much TLC she recovered to a healthy weight. Have you ever seen a 95lb lap dog?

Dossie loved life and…sofa-surfing, frisbee chasing, tennis ball skinning, flower sniffing, hole digging, walking in the park, kayaking, car riding, rolling in cat poop, hogging the air vents during the summer, playing tug-of-war, belly rubs and hugs as well as giving slobbery kisses. Dossie’s all time favorite leisure activity was swimming in the lake. All dogs can swim, right? Wrong. When we first took Dossie to the lake she ran right into the water but couldn’t swim. Dossie tried her hardest to doggy-paddle but ended up paddling vertical with her head just above water. After many, many swimming lessons with her cousin Abbie (and the help of a doggy life jacket) Dossie morphed into a furry fish that didn’t like to leave the lake. We spent hours throwing sticks and watching Dossie retrieve what she thought were sparkling trophies that deserved a treat. Dossie would prance around her piles of sticks as if she struck gold. Those days were great!

In memory of Dossie

In memory of Dossie

In April of ’06 we adopted a sister for Dossie, a 6 week old black lab pup named Josephine. Dossie and Josephine grew to be partners in crime and were inseparable. We know in our hearts that Josephine helped keep Dossie young and mischievous.

Over the winter Dossie began to slow down but tried her hardest to keep up in every way.

Thursday, January 25th 2007 God called for our little girl and our lives were changed forever.

Although our hearts have been broken we are reminded of our Dossie every day and of how blessed we were to have her with us as a member of our family. She will always be in our hearts and our thoughts.

We will miss our girl and will honor her life and spirit by doing good deeds for other animals.

We love you Dossie!

You are missed greatly!
Love… Mom, Dad, and Josephine

In memory of Bogie

In memory of Bogie

Not too long after college, my sister got Bogie as a young puppy. She lived with my sister and her fiancé for several years and they spoiled her as if she was their own off-spring. They always joked about who would get custody of Bogie if they split up. Sadly, my sister’s fiancé died unexpectedly about 6 months before their wedding. Bogie was confused for a while with all of the changes that happened after that, but she was there to comfort my sister as she worked through the pain of her loss. December 2006 my sister married a wonderful man and Bogie got a brother, Mr. Hagan, a sweet bubbly dog that loved having Bogie for a sister.

Bogie had surgery January 23, 2007 to repair an injured knee and had unexpected complications. She was a feisty dog and we know she fought hard to pull through. No one in our family was prepared to loose such a sweet spirit so soon.

Bogie will be greatly missed for her sweet gentle nature and tiny dry kisses that no one ever complained about getting…and she had enough for everyone! She was my sister’s guardian and sidekick in life and will be her guardian angel forever.


A note from Gavin’s foster mom:

In memory of Gavin

In memory of Gavin

Gavin had just about given up on life when ACR first rescued him. He was scrawny and sad looking, he had heartworms and a kidney disease, it looked like someone had burned his ears, he had been shot with birdshot, he had a big skin tag hanging from his stomach, and he had large calluses on his elbows from lying on concrete all his life. But the moment we saw this gentle giant, we fell head over heels and knew we had to give him a shot at a better life. After all, who could resist those big, droopy eyes.

Every day brought a new challenge in Gavin’s care. But finally he realized his life had turned around, and he wanted to live. He nudged our hands for a few more minutes of petting, he ate 13 cups of food in one day, he galloped after tennis balls and sunbathed in the grass. No longer was he the pitiful, ragged dog we met in the pen at Animal Control in January 2006. His coat was shiny, his eyes were sparkly, and he was happy to be alive.

We knew we did not have the money to give Gavin the life he deserved, but it did not take long for his angel to appear.

Pat immediately fell in love with Gavin and literally devoted every day to making him as happy as he made her. We celebrated with her as Gavin gained weight, laughed when she told us stories about her grandkids using Gavin as a pillow, shook our heads after hearing how he had stolen ANOTHER loaf of bread. Truly, we could not have dreamed up a better mom for Gavin. They were the perfect match! But just 5 months after Pat adopted him, Gavin lost his fight to live. He could not overcome what others had done to him.

We are amazed at how many lives Gavin touched in the 8 months we knew him. Everyone who met him adored this creature that was so full of love, and we are glad for the short time we had with him. Thank you, Pat, for seeing past the scrawny, sad-looking dog from Animal Control and being the best mom our little Gavey ever had. You gave him the best 5 months of his life!

In memory of Mona

In memory of Mona

A note from Mona’s mom:

Putting your dog to sleep is the last thing you’re thinking of when you decide to adopt a puppy. However, when that puppy is diagnosed with a rare disease that compromises her way of life it changes everything.

Mona was one of the most lovely puppies I’ve ever known and having her in my life changed me. I didn’t realize how quickly a deep bond could form between a dog and its owner until I had her. Mona taught me so much about love and being thankful for what you have.

I am blessed to have had her during her short life and her memory will live on with me forever. I love you Mona and miss you dearly.

In memory of Sasha

In memory of Sasha

A bond of ten days is as strong as one of ten years when a rescued dog finds her perfect family. Sasha’s family had been looking long and hard for a dog and although they met many wonderful foster dogs from several rescue groups, they didn’t find their canine soul mate until they met Sasha at an animal control in North Georgia.

From the moment Sasha came home, she showed nothing but love for her family, a desire to please and good will towards everyone else. She was in heat and had the minor health problems of stray shelter dogs, but she was getting better every day and adored her new people and new life.

Tragedy struck on day ten, when Sasha had a major seizure and her family had to say goodbye to their precious girl. They gave her unconditional love and a peaceful passing, and she will never be forgotten. Ten days or ten years, it’s never enough time before they leave us.


A letter from a friend of Joanne, Todd and Buddy:

I can’t remember if it was Todd or Joanne who said ‘this is the end of an era’, but it’s definitely true. As of Wed. evening around 5:30 pm, their dog Buddy now rests in peace.

In memory of Buddy

In memory of Buddy

For those of you who had the pleasure of knowing Buddy, I know I don’t have to tell you what a special guy he was. For those of you who didn’t ever get to meet or know Buddy, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what he meant to Joanne & Todd. For a little background info, Buddy was their first dog together, and made the move down to Athens from Michigan with them.(I know it’s hard to believe, but they only had 2 pets at the time!)

Buddy was recently diagnosed with Fibrosarcoma, a very aggressive cancer that was causing Buddy to deteriorate rapidly. As many of you have experienced first-hand, animals have a way of letting us know when they are ready to go. Bud was no exception. A dog that was always ready to eat and the BEST about taking his med’s was adamant on Tuesday that he would do neither. Buddy would have turned 15 in May. It was quite amazing for a dog his size (great dane mix!) to live as long as he did. One thing’s for certain – they enjoyed every bit of “bonus time” they had with Bud and vice versa!

I have attached one of my  favorite pictures of Buddy. Another tidbit was that he was a GREAT frisbee dog. Over the past few years, he wasn’t able to run and catch them any more, but he was still quite content to walk about the yard with one in his mouth!

I think Joanne took this picture a couple of years ago.

Joanne and Todd are doing quite well, considering. Such a peaceful end was well-deserved for such an amazing friend.

Take good care and hug all your 4-legged kids extra hard tonight.


Who needs 4 legs, anyway?

There are way too many good things to say about Miles, but suffice it to say he was one extremely loyal companion. Miles stuck by Cathy through fun times and through tough times. It was only fitting that Cathy do the same for Miles.

In memory of Miles

In memory of Miles

Miles underwent a lengthy surgery in 2004 to remove a massive tumor under his front left leg and “underarm” area (he was 10 years old at the time of the surgery!). Besides amputating the leg and removing the tumor, the surgeon had to remove part of his chestplate. Miles came out of this surgery with flying colors – one less leg  to stand on, but flying nonetheless.

Cathy had wondered prior to the surgery if it was the right thing for Miles. He proved beyond a shadow a doubt that it was the right thing! Although Miles got around just fine on his 3 legs, his mommy didn’t miss another golden opportunity to spoil him rotten (which he greatly deserved!).

I believe most of the pictures and stories we received of Miles post-surgery were of him riding around in his red Radio-Flyer wagon! He would still hop out of it when they got to the park and fetch that tennis ball (his favorite game was “ball”).

In case you ever wondered if there’s such a thing as a perfect “match” between canine and human, the relationship between Cathy and Miles demonstrates such perfection plainly and simply.

Sadly, Miles passed away in April of 2005.

Although Cathy misses Miles’ physical presence, she knows his spirit will be with her forever.

In memory of Mac

In memory of mac

Mac was a rescue dog who was unable to recover from the effects of neglect and abuse. He had a sweet, loving, forgiving nature that touched everyone who met him.

One of his friends wrote a poem in his honor…..
A short time ago along came “Mac”
Instantly our hearts he attacked
A good Samaritan found him in really rough shape
And he had even been in quite a few scrapes
Since he had almost been starved to death,
He barely ever came up for breath
Always seeming to be hungry each time he was fed
Grateful for every little pat on the head
He never stopped waggin’ his tail
But all our attempts did not prevail
We tried our best to save his life
Even put him 4 times under a surgical knife.
After only 6 weeks a HIGHER FORCE took him away
So we just wanted the chance to say
What a sweet little dog we know we had
Even for a short time, we are really so glad
That we had the privilege of knowing this SWEET little guy
And to our Angel we now say Goodbye!

Cocoa 1996-2004
In memory of Coco

In memory of Coco

We lost our dear little girl to a rare cancer. At her death two well respected vets concluded it was cancer although it was never given a positive name. She left us far too soon as she had turned seven in September 2003.

She was like a child to us and touched many lives in her short time on earth. On her last day I saw the look on her sweet face as if to say ‘no more please, I am tired’. She passed away at 3AM and thankfully I was with her till the end.

We adopted her when she was a tiny puppy that someone left to die in the back of our property. It was cold and she only weighed 3 pounds. She looked a lot like a mini-Rottweiler.

In memory of Coco

In memory of Coco

She insisted on everyone doing their chores and would come back to get us if we were lagging behind. Loved to go through the chicken house with us. She instinctively knew how to make the cows stay back from the gate when the hay was being taken in. She would jump and take parts out of the hay roll as it was being moved to the center of the pasture. She wanted to help.

Although she wasn’t around children much she loved them anyway. I would have trusted her with a newborn, she was that caring. She always insisted on giving them kisses whether they wanted them or not. She would bark at the sight of a car coming down the drive and then run around like crazy to find a toy and stand at the door with the toy in her mouth to greet the visitor.

It is still hard to believe she is gone. It was like she was dropped from Heaven, given the fact that she was found in the middle of nowhere. It seems that God had a purpose for her to be with us a while and then he just wanted her home.

In memory of Buffy

In memory of Buffy

Once a pound puppy, we rescued Buffett Holly Johnson in September, 1994. Throughout the next ten years, she made us laugh with all her antics – playing “mad dog” around the house, tearing the squeakers out of her “babies,” hiding under the toilet in the bathroom, and reenacting Lady and the Tramp scenes with her “sister.” She never failed to greet anyone at the door so that she could offer you a dog kiss and a chance to rub her belly. Buff was a little dog with the biggest heart, who offered unconditional love (even when we would do things like tie dish towels to her collar and pretend she was “Super Dog”).

If Buffy was around today, she’d tell you that no one made her happier than her mom, Joanne Johnson. Who else would leave her messages on the answering machine and make chicken and rice for her every night when she wasn’t feeling well? So in honor of Buffy’s mom (and mine) and in memory of Buffy, we hope that you’re getting all the walks you want now, Buffet! We love you and miss you.

Cinder Bear
In memory of Cinderbear

In memory of Cinderbear

On June 30, 1993 I rescued Cinder bear from death….and on June 28, 2004 I chose to give my faithful  friend of 11 years peace from her pain. During those 11 years Cinder rescued me from loneliness and the grief and pain of several serious losses. Most importantly, my faithful friend helped me rescue two more dogs: Sam (10) and Shelby (7) who are now missing her terribly. Cinder was a wonderful listener, my true best friend and the best smuggler God ever made – so guess who got the best end of this bargain.

Cinder was and forever will be my Angel. The hardest part is saying goodbye – so I won’t – for now I’ll just say be patient until I can hold you again, “baby girl”

— Love, Mommy