Mia – Adopted!!!

~21 lbs born ~February 2016 great with kids & dogs nearly housebroken!

Meet Mia! This little gal is just over 20lbs and only about 1 year old. Mia won’t get any bigger and still has that playful, puppy personality. She’s probably a Dachshund mix and is the perfect little lap dog.

When Mia meets new people, she barks at first but after a while she realizes that they’re just there to give her love and attention. She does great with children and dogs of all ages and loves playing tug-of-war with them.

Chasing a ball is another favorite of Mia’s and she’s great at tiring you out while you tire her out! She just loves playing and will do it for as long as you’ll let her. Since Mia still has so much puppy energy, heavy duty play sessions are the best way to exercise her, whether it be with her humans or her 4-legged buddies! Her puppy-like behaviors are so adorable that you can’t help but want to be around her all the time.

Though she isn’t fully housebroken, she’s nearly got the hang of it! During the night, Mia gets to sleep with Foster Mom and hasn’t had any accidents. During the day, she gets the run of the house and when she has to go potty, she goes to the back door and whines. When she is left alone in the house, she is contained in the kitchen and this has proven to work very well for this little diva.

Mia is a great watchdog. She also knows the difference between her toys and the other items in the house, and hasn’t had any destructive episodes.

With a little love and patience, Mia will be the perfect pup for any family. She knows basic commands and is still working on others. She would do best in a home with an active household with access to the outdoors or kids that love to run around. This sweet, submissive girl enjoys being close to her foster mom and dad and will lay next to you until she is ready to play again. Come meet Mia and she’ll steal your heart away too!

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Janis Ruchalski

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