~55 lbs born ~February 2016 learning crate training housebroken

Meet Otis! Otis is a sweet-pea Pit/Boxer mix that loves to play and then climb in your lap for some lovin’! At about 55lbs, he isn’t exactly a lap dog, but he doesn’t care! Otis is still a bit of a puppy and just about a year old. He may get a little bigger, but not much.

When Otis sees another dog, he is very eager to become their best friend and can get overly excited. This sometimes puts his soon-to-be bestie on edge, so structured introductions on neutral territory are probably best. As far as cats are concerned, Otis likes to chase them if they retreat. He just wants to play! People get him very excited as well. In fact, Otis recently befriended the mail man and the plumber! If you’re looking for a guard dog, Otis won’t be much use since he’s so stinking friendly and just wants to follow his new friends and be a part of whatever they’re doing!

Though Otis isn’t fully crate trained yet, he falls asleep within minutes of being put in his crate. He can keep his crate clean through the night and has had the run of the house a couple of times now and been fine with his housebreaking during bedtime. Sometimes a treat is enough to entice him into his crate and other times he is a bit more stubborn and requires assistance. He also doesn’t like being left along but he’ll learn soon enough that his crate is a safe space!

So far, Otis has proven to be a pretty quiet pup except for when he sees himself… that’s right… when Otis sees his reflection he gets excited and barks at himself! He also barks if he sees a dog down the road that he doesn’t get to meet. But he’s not afraid of vacuums and he doesn’t do much when someone knocks at the door. Most of the time, he’s pretty chill, just following Foster Mom around. When you’re on his level though, he gets a spurt of energy and wants to play! He can be a bit mouthy, so he is still working on his manners. You have to remember that he’s still pretty young though and puppies take time.

Right now, a few short walks or play sessions are a good idea to release his energy. Turns out, Otis can be a bit lazy and will lay down on the sidewalk in the middle of a long walk. When he’s inside spending time with his foster mom, he has zero understanding of personal space. All he wants to do is be on top of his humans or near them. If there’s a space between Mom & the arm of the chair, Otis will find a way to fit in it! Once, Otis escaped out of the yard on accident, but all he did was run to the front door to be let back inside! He just loves being around people!

Chew toys are a great way to keep Otis occupied. If the toy is tough and durable, he’ll spend hours chewing on it! Give him a dog bone and some lovin’ and this boy will be yours!

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