Petunia – Pending!!

~22 lbs born ~September 2016 crate trained housebroken

Introducing Petunia! Little Miss Petunia was a bit underweight when she came to Athens Canine Rescue, but is finally at a healthy weight. She was born around September of 2016 and is quite the unique combination – Boxer/Whippet mix! Basically, at only 22 lbs, we’re going to call her a mini boxer with some stilts for legs. Because she is still a puppy, our best guess is that she’ll top out in the high 30’s or low 40’s.

In the beginning of her transition from shelter to foster home, Petunia wasn’t in great shape and would have accidents in her crate because she didn’t know how to signal to Foster Mom that it was time to go out. Now that she is feeling better, she’s been accident free, even through the night! So long as there’s a tasty treat ahead of her, Petunia will happily trot into her crate. If the house hasn’t gone to bed yet, she’ll whimper a little, but once everyone else has settled, she settles down too.

This spunky little pup loves playing with other dogs but is still learning how to be polite about it. Dog parks are not a good way to expel her energy, but she does great on one-on-one interactions and doesn’t require soft introductions. She currently lives with several dogs of all sizes and does fine with all of them the majority of the time and even routinely wrestles with her little sister Faith now that they have set their boundaries. Her socializing manners definitely need some brushing up though. Some regular play sessions and walks are a good outlet to keep this girl exercised, but once she is over-stimulated she needs Foster Mom to step in and give her a time out to settle down and remember her manners.

When meeting other dogs, Petunia can be shy off the bat but warms up quickly. She absolutely LOVES humans and wants to be their instant best friend! Snuggles are her absolute favorite and she is pretty laidback inside, following Foster Mom and curling up on her lap whenever she gets the chance. If Foster Mom leans forward to start working on her computer, Petunia squeezes in right behind her, always keeping an eye on her humans.

With bat ears like that and such an affectionate sweetheart, how can you say no to this little rascal?! With some patience and consistency, Petunia will be a well-mannered little zoomie bug, making a fun addition to your home!

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