Pup of the Week!

~43 lbs born ~February 2016 outdoorsie! housebroken!

Torvi is Pup of the Week!

Meet Torvi! Torvi is our little Viking Gal weighing in at about 44lbs. She’s a little over a year old and loves her humans (once she bonds)! The great outdoors is exactly where Torvi wants to be and that’s where her true colors shine the brightest.

Torvi is both housebroken and crate trained. She sleeps through the night with no mess and she does very well when left alone. She even gets the run of the house and does great with all of that freedom! It only takes a slight nudge to get her to go into her crate, then she trots right in without a problem. Cats mean nothing to Torvi and she can easily share a home with them.

When it comes to other dogs, Torvi starts to come out of her shell and gets excited. She politely sniffs around and then wants to play. It’s very important that there aren’t any bones around because she gets very protective of those. She is a pretty shy dog though, and is quite skeptical around new people. Once she earns your trust, she will relax a lot more, but it does take some time to get there. Because of this, dog parks are not a good way to exercise Torvi as she isn’t so good at voice recall. The outdoors is her absolute favorite so having to leave a wide, open space is not on her priority list.

Overall, Torvi is a very laid-back dog. She absolutely LOVES running around outside and needs a fur-ever home with a fenced yard for that reason. She enjoys walks, but it must be in a quiet area. Unfortunately, any sudden sound will startle her (cars, kids riding on bikes, etc). Loud noises and thunder storm really put her out of her element and she needs a strong, stable family to help her adapt. She has been an outside dog her whole life so getting used to the nice, cozy, safe house is something she is having trouble adjusting to.

If you’re looking for a calm, mild mannered pup who isn’t vocal and doesn’t make a mess, Torvi is your gal! She needs a lot of time outside and a family who can be patient and love on her. Once she establishes that bond though, she’s your companion for life. If you can provide a safe home with some good, fenced, outdoor space, she won’t let you down! She’d be a great only-dog and is just trying to find where she belongs.

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