Pup of the Week!

~50 lbs born ~January 2014 a goofy gal! housebroken! grunty player!

Daphne is Pup of the Week!

Introducing Daphne! Daphne is about 3 years old and 50 lbs. She is a very polite Boxer/Pit mix who knows how to greet dogs with respect. Cuddles and pets seem to be top on her priority list and her general demeanor is pretty calm! Her front legs are a little bowed but that just makes her all the cuter 🙂

Daphne is a sweet and shy lady when meeting new pups. Once she gets comfortable, she tries to play but tends to be a bit of a spaz! She doesn’t have the puppy energy that her foster brother Corbin has, but she can be a noisy player. Structured introductions are not necessary and she would be a great dog park dog! When meeting new people, Daphne loves giving kisses and showing how happy she is. This super chill dog has random hyper moments a few times a day (like when she sees her favorite humans!) but is otherwise pretty laid back. With her being a little out of shape, Daphne enjoys short walks but is working toward longer ones.

At the shelter, Daphne met a couple of cats and she seemed to be a bit uncomfortable. Her initial reaction was not aggressive, but she would need a slow and proper introduction if her new home has feline friends. Housebreaking can be tough but Daphne’s got it down! She keeps her crate clean and sleeps through the night, but she doesn’t signal when she needs to go, so letting her out regularly is best. Other than vacuums, she doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. She is quite the affectionate gal, but not demanding. And she loves food! One would think that this would be a great tool for training her, but she gets so excited for the treat that it’s proven to be a little more difficult. Keeping the counters free and clear of any leftovers is a must as she is still learning that counter surfing is frowned upon 🙁

Cuddling is a favorite past time for Daphne. If you want to binge watch a few seasons of your favorite tv show, she’ll be right by your side! If you’re looking for a lover who can put some pep in her step but is generally cool, calm and collected, look no further and apply to adopt Daphne today!

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