Pup of the Week!

~43 lbs born ~February 2016 nearly housebroken! sweet as honey! absolute love doll!

Torvi is Pup of the Week!

Meet Torvi! Little Miss Torvi is about 1 year old and is a submissive, sweet Pit mix. At just over 40 lbs, she won’t get any bigger and is an absolute ball of love. This cuddle monster does great with both cats and dogs and just wants to be a part of the pack.

Torvi was a breeding dog who probably spent her whole life tethered outside. Because of this, she is not accustomed to the TLC that she’s currently receiving and is still taking it all in. Her canine roommates are happy to help build her confidence and the three of them love running around the backyard and wrestling. Torvi is a playful girl, but not the pushy type. Keeping up with the big guys isn’t a problem for her, but she is ultimately submissive and tires out. She would do great at a dog park since she doesn’t need structured introductions and every time she sees a pup, her tail starts to wag! When around cats, all she does is sniffs and walks away, so feline roommates aren’t a problem.

Sometimes it takes a little push, or a treat to get Torvi into her crate, but once she is there she does just fine. The nice thing about this gal is she doesn’t do a whole lot when left alone so crating her really isn’t necessary. She’s quickly building her trust with Foster Mom and may not need to be crated for much longer! Though she isn’t 100% housebroken, she’s nearly got the hang of it! The only accident she’s had was right by the back door and Foster Mom admits she hadn’t been out in a while. When meeting new people in new places, Torvi can be a little shy at first, but she perks up and gives kisses then once she is comfortable, she nudges her head into your lap. Walking on a leash is much easier for Torvi than it used to be and you can tell that she is building up her confidence. Though she’s never been around children, she’d probably do great with them since she enjoys receiving pets and cuddles.

So far, nothing really seems to scare this girl, except venturing into the deep, dark, scary building we like to call a home. Even though she is fairly laid back, new surroundings are foreign to her and it takes time before she will fully explore the indoors. With her two larger siblings around, we’re confident she’ll be frolicking inside in no time! When given the opportunity, Torvi loves a good play session and attention, but if left alone, she settles down quite nicely and will do her own thing. Though, we must warn you, she has this odd hoarding habit… dog beds, blankets, toys, ceramic food bowls (…my thoughts exactly), this hoarder enjoys collecting household items and displaying them around the backyard!

A ton of exercise isn’t necessary but Torvi certainly prefers to be outdoors so a house with a fenced in yard would be ideal. Her favorite place inside is in the sunroom and she’ll nap the day away, soaking in the vitamin D. With as much as she enjoys attention, Torvi is completely fine being left alone. She is so stoic and just taken aback by actually getting loved on and having a bed and toys and normal dog things! It’s sad because you can tell she is used to the below par life she has lived, but she’s learning to love the soft and squishy things and will make her next family a very happy one! She’s also working on her basic manners and has practically mastered ‘sit!’

Hurry up and put in your application before it’s too late! Torvi will be snatched up in no time since she has the perfect docile and submissive demeanor. With a little more time in learning the ropes of how a dog should be able to live their life, Torvi will make a great addition to any family 🙂

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