Jenna-Pup of the Week!


born ~January 2020

40 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly Housebroken!

“Listen up, Fives; a Ten is speaking” – Jenna Maroney, 30 Rock 

Jenna is our Pup of the Week! 

Introducing Jenna! At around 1 year of age and around 40 pounds, Jenna is the tallest of her sisters, Pearl and Aurora. We expect them to get just a little bit bigger before they are all done growing! 

Jenna is still in her puppy stage, and she is learning so much about the world every day. She is fully crate trained, and she is almost housebroken. This little pup is able to sleep soundly all night long in her crate without having to be let outside to go to the bathroom, and when she is let outside, she takes care of business quickly. Lately, Jenna has been signaling when she’d like to go outside by ringing the bell that hangs on the door at her foster home — what a smart girl! When Jenna is in a new space, the crate is where she feels most comfortable because the rest of the world can be really scary, and she likes to observe how things look before she’s ready to jump in. With time and patience, Jenna will break out of her shell and see how great the world can be. 

New places and people can be a little scary, but Jenna is confident around other dogs and is ready to play! She loves to run around the backyard, play chase, and sprint up and down stairs to get a furry friend to play with her. Jenna will dramatically flop down on a dog bed or roll around on the couch in the hopes that someone will see she’s in a playful mood and come to investigate and join in on the fun. With a bit more confidence with her two-legged friends, Jenna will likely become a dog that likes a good trip to the dog park to meet more four-legged furry friends. 

Jenna is very slow to warm up to humans, but she is gaining confidence every day. When she first arrived at her foster home, she would flinch and tuck her tail under her legs when someone would slowly reach for her to give her affection, but she is doing that less and less and is now giving nose kisses and tail wags when she’s happy to see a familiar friendly face. Jenna loves some cuddle time on the couch for head scratches and snuggles once she trusts enough to be able to close her eyes and relax.

When Jenna sees her harness come out, she knows that it means it’s time for a walk! Going for a walk or short jog is one of Jenna’s favorite activities, and she loves to burn off some of that puppy energy while getting to take a look at what’s going on outside of her house — from a safe distance, of course. 

Even though Jenna’s personality sounds more like she should be labeled a weenie dog rather than a shepherd-hound mix, Jenna’s got so much potential to blossom into a happy, healthy, and confident gal ready to tackle life with a new family. Contact us today if you think Jenna might be the right fit for you!

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