Alastor – Coming Soon!


born ~January 2016

11 lbs.

Crate trained!


“Nothing like a nighttime stroll to give you ideas.” -Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody, Harry Potter

Welcome Alastor! Alastor is a 3-year old, adorable dog who just loves take a stroll any time of the day! Alastor has recovered from a prolapsed rectum, but is still having pain going to the bathroom. He’s going to be seeing a specialist who can hopefully find the source of the pain.

Alastor is potty trained! He signals by going to his chair by the door and staring at Foster Mom until she lets him outside. Alastor is also kennel trained, and will go into his kennel when asked. He has great house manners, and loves to spend time snuggled up next to (or behind!) Foster Mom!

Alastor may be small, but he loves to hang out with dogs of all sizes! He is playful from the get-go, and gets so excited when he sees a potential canine-buddy! Alastor has been around large dogs, small dogs, high energy dogs, low energy dogs, and guys and gals – and he has done well with all of them! Once he’s all healed up, Alastor would love to take more trips to the dog park where he can fully enjoy playing with canine-buddies new and old! We haven’t yet seen Alastor around cats or kids, but we think he would do well with them due to his friendly demeanor.

Alastor’s all-time favorite thing to do is to snuggle up and get attention from his people. It isn’t hard to become part of his people either, all it takes is a few scritches to earn Alastor’s love! While at home, Alastor is content just snuggling up by Foster Mom (or an animal buddy). But, he especially loves it if Foster Mom showers him with attention. Alastor is also very good about backing off if he’s getting too clingy, but does ask that you use a nice voice with him – he can be a little sensitive.

Please consider donating to help us take care of him! If you are interested in adopting him once he’s ready, contact us today!

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