born ~August 2020

22 lbs.

Nearly Crate Trained!


“I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.” – Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn

Introducing Aloy! This brown-eyed beauty is perfectly medium-sized at 25 pounds and is about a year old. In addition to her soulful eyes, Aloy’s hounddog spirit and sweet demeanor will be sure to win over her forever family!

Housebreaking, Crate-Training, and Commands

Aloy has been accident-free in both the home and in her crate! Though she does not have a signal for going outside, Aloy gets straight to business on those potty breaks. When it’s time to eat or to be crated, Aloy goes in on command (good girl!). That does not mean that she won’t sometimes complain for a few minutes when she first gets in there, but within a few minutes she settles down until it’s time to come out for the next adventure. Other than the “crate” command, Aloy also knows “sit” and is working diligently on “come.” Keep up the good work, Aloy!

Behavior around other Dogs, Cats, and Kids

Aloy is a little apprehensive at first when it comes to other dogs, sometimes barking at first, but then warms up quickly. Slow and structured introductions are needed to allow Aloy this time to be comfortable but after that… it’s playtime! Aloy lives with a couple feline friends and is very interested in getting to know them (maybe a little too interested!). Though she has not shown signs of aggression, Aloy would do best in a home with very dog-savvy cats (or no cats). Aloy has not been around small children yet but she was very sweet and comfortable with some teenagers that she met.

Behavior around People

Aloy is overall a big fan of people. She might be a little shy at first but she warms up quickly, and then becomes the sweetest love bug. She is not demanding of attention but enjoys being where her people are.

Exercise Needs

True to being a young hounddog, Aloy’s brain and nose love to work. She needs and craves mental stimulation and loves letting her nose take the lead on walks. In addition to walks, Aloy likes toys, play sessions, and her foster mom thinks she would be awesome at fetch! Healthy amounts of exercise and stimulation are key to making this girl happy (and keeping her out of mischief!).

Aloy is such a sweet girl with plenty of personality to go around. Her whole body wiggles in excitement when her people are near. Are you interested in becoming forever friends with Aloy?  Contact us today!

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