Annie – Adopted!!!


born ~January 2018

10 lbs.

Crate trained!


Welcome Annie! Annie is a cute jack russell-dachshund mix, who is just about a year old! She is a full grown gall at a whopping 10 pounds. Annie is a very timid dog, and her Foster Mom is working on building up Annie’s confidence.

Annie is potty trained! She is still figuring out what her potty signal is, but will hold it until she is let out. Annie is also kennel trained! Annie just needs a little extra encouragement of being placed in front of the kennel, but then will walk into her kennel all on her own. Annie and her Foster Mom are currently focused on building up Annie’s confidence and Annie’s leash skills!

Annie is canine-friendly – although she prefers calm dogs over rambunctious ones. Now that she’s had some time to settle in, she’s started to play with one of Foster Mom’s dogs! It takes a while for Annie to warm up to new people, but as she gets to know someone she slowly gets more and more affectionate with them. Annie is currently pretty laid back and chill, so she doesn’t require much exercise. That might change as Annie’s confidence grows, but we’ll update here as we learn more about this sweet pup!

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