born ~January 2020

20 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning Housebreaking! 

“Yes, it’s only in my dreams. But, they say, if you dream a thing more than once it’s sure to come true… “ – Princess Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

Introducing Aurora! At 10 months old, this beauty weighs in at around 30 pounds and is the smallest of her sisters, Pearl and Jenna. 

Aurora is still a puppy, but she is working on her training: she isn’t housebroken yet, but she is crate trained already! Aurora is able to keep her crate clean when she’s in there alone, and she can sleep through the night with no bathroom breaks. She knows that she’s supposed to use the bathroom outside, but she is still learning to make that happen consistently! Aurora absolutely loves her crate. When she gets in from her outside time, she darts right over and puts herself in there — no command needed. She happily eats her meals and sleeps in her crate, but if she’s been in there for a while, she is excited to have some human attention and will greet you with some excited tail thumps as she waits for you to unlock the door.

Aurora currently lives with other dogs, and although she is shy to warm up, she has become thick as thieves with her foster siblings now that she has learned to trust them. Aurora has been observing her bigger foster brothers wrestle outside, and she is trying to convince Jenna to get in on the fun, but her buddy isn’t quite ready to jump into that yet. In the meantime, Aurora is happy to bee-bop around the backyard and entertain herself until she finds a toy or a playmate! 

While she came to her new foster home pretty scared, Aurora has gained a lot of confidence in a short time. With people, Aurora needs a little while to get used to new people. When she meets a new friend, she may be a little skittish in the first few minutes, but once she settles in and sees that this new person is safe, she’ll love to receive some pets and affection. Like so many good things in life, it takes a little patience, but sweet Aurora is certainly worth the time it takes her to warm up! 

Aurora is still pretty new to us and hasn’t fully settled in yet, but from what we can tell, she’s content to get her bouts of energy out with a few play sessions with her siblings before she snoozes the rest of the day away. Aurora could make for a good hiking or running buddy when she’s a little older, but if that’s not your thing, she’s also happy to sit at home on the couch. 

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