born ~ March 2018

55 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!


“Balto, I would have been lost without you.” Rosy, from the movie Balto 

Introducing Balto! At around three years old, Balto is a notable beauty! He currently weighs around 55-60 pounds and being that he’s full grown, he should stay right around there.

While new to ACR, Balto is already housebroken! He’s earned himself a spot on the bed at night and doesn’t have any accidents, even when Foster Mom leaves! He even lets her know when he has to go outside! Balto is just beginning his crate-training, but is already proving himself to be a quick learner! He goes right in, without being told!

Balto has been around other dogs, namely females, and does well with them! He not only takes their cues well, but also is good at communicating with them. He’d be a great dog park dog when everything opens back up!

Balto is very confident with humans – always searching for someone to give him a pat on the head. He’s even met young children (around 4-5) and let them pet him and give him all the attention! He loves to be around people and is extremely happy to get attention! He can be a bit of a drama queen not getting the attention he thinks he deserves, but will stop when he realizes you’re not gonna give in.

Our boy has about as much energy as you’d expect, but is good about entertaining himself! He is, however, always happy to play when you are! He would be great for someone who loves long walks, or frequent runs! He matches energy pretty well and will go hard if you do, too!

Balto is a joy to be around! This guy is playful, friendly, and just the right amount of goofball. Is this the dog you’ve been searching for? Contact us today!


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