born ~February 2019

55 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“I wanna be somebody’s baby” – Barry Manilow

Introducing Barry! This handsome stud is fully grown at around 2 years old and weighs about 55 pounds. Don’t let his simple black-and-white coloring fool you; this boy is full of sweet personality!

Barry is pretty bright and is already fully crate-trained and housebroken! He’s able to hold his bladder all night, and he even lets his Foster Dad sleep in a while on the weekends. He hasn’t had a single accident with us, and if he’s got to go outside, he’ll just mosey on over to the door to signal that he’s ready to go out. For a couple of treats, Barry will happily prance right into the crate, and the only noises he makes are to let his people know that it’s time to get out of bed and start the day!

With all the dogs that we’ve seen him around, Barry has gotten along really well with them because he’s got a pretty chill temperament. If someone is really to get wild and wrestle around, Barry’s ready to go, but if someone wants to nap on the couch and watch TV, he’s excited for that too. 

When Barry meets new faces, he might approach them cautiously at first, but after a few minutes (and a few treats), he’s ready to be their new best friend. From then on, it’s all playtime, cuddles on the couch, and shadowing people around to see what fun is next. This low-maintenance man is such a sweetheart who feeds off of the energy around him, and he is a big fan of affection in the form of a tummy rub to start his day off right. Once he’s had some alone time and his human walks in the door, he’ll greet them with a happy dance. There’s just nothing better than an excited greeting from this good boy after a long day of work! 

Barry loves to get some good outside time in his daily routine, and he’s used to one 20-30 minute morning walk and a shorter one at night. He’s also a good jogger and likes to show his athleticism off! Really, Barry is just down to do whatever his people are looking to do, and as long as he gets some exercise most days, he’s a happy boy.

This beauty of a boy is such a gentle soul who is ready to find his new family! Could it be with yours? Contact us today!

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