Bertha – Adoption Pending!


born ~September 2014

63 lbs.

Crate trained!


Welcome Bertha! Bertha is a 4-year old English lab mix. She weighs about 63 pounds, and is working on getting her autumn body by losing a few pounds.

Bertha is housebroken! She sleeps throughout the night, and hasn’t had any accidents at Foster Dad’s house. She is also crate trained. She is very quiet in the crate, you won’t even know she’s there! Foster Dad reports that Bertha is very obedient and well trained, and just wants to make her people happy!

Bertha is also good with other dogs! She tends to be a little shy around new canine friends, but quickly warms up. She absolutely loved her playdates with ACR adoptable Junie, they had a blast together! While she currently doesn’t live with other dogs, we think she’d make a good dog park dog! She is very confident with people, and will soak up all the attention someone is willing to give her. It doesn’t matter if she knows you or if you’re a new person – everyone is a friend in Betha’s book.

When she isn’t introducing herself to new people, you can find Bertha laying on the couch working her way over to cuddle with you. She loves to rest her head on Foster Dad’s lap and recoup from her bursts of energy. If Foster Dad is busy, she will self entertain or just relax by herself. She will be sure to check in on you though, just to make sure you haven’t changed your mind on having a quick snuggle!

Think you’re the cuddle-buddy Bertha has been looking for? Contact us today to meet this sweet pup 😊

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