Bilbo – Adoption Pending!


born ~June 2019

45 lbs.

Learning Crate Training! 

Learning House Breaking! 

“I’m going on an adventure!” – Bilbo Baggins

Welcome Bilbo! This handsome young hound is about a year old and weighs 45 pounds, but he will likely gain a few more.

Bilbo has been working on his skills, and he is fully crate trained and almost housebroken! He is able to sleep through the night, and he can keep his crate clean while he’s in there. When it’s time to go in, he will waltz right in, happily have breakfast or dinner, and then settle down really quickly when he knows you are close by. When his humans leave, it takes him longer to calm himself down, but he’s working on that!

Bilbo finds cats a little too exciting, so if you’ve got a cat, your cat will appreciate it if you don’t apply to adopt Bilbo! He has done well around children and other dogs though. When he’s around other dogs, he’s playful but a little shy at first, but he’s learning to deal with other dogs who are ready to play all the time. He’s easy to get along with, so he will probably be a great dog to take to the dog park.

Right now, Bilbo gets either one long walk or two short walks a day, but he also gets lots of play time with his doggy friends. Once he gets better at walking with a leash (right now he likes to dart through people’s legs), he would make a great running partner. With people, Bilbo is why at first, but he gets over it quickly and likes every new person he meets along his journey. He likes to get attention, but he doesn’t whine or bark to get it. When his foster mom comes home, he will sprint right up to her and sit between her legs to await his greeting. 

Bilbo is continuing to learn to settle down in new situations, but with more time and confidence-boosting, he’ll be ready to go on many adventures with his new family. Contact us today!

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