Bjorn – Coming Soon!


born ~May 2018

62 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


Bjorn (\BYORN\): bear; Old Norse origin

Introducing Bjorn! This lovable teddy bear of a pup is currently one year old and 62 lbs. He’s good with other dogs and adores getting attention from Foster Mom. With his overall low-key demeanor, it’s hard not to fall in love with him!

Bjorn is both potty trained and kennel trained. If he needs to go out, he’ll nudge the bells on the front door and wait for Foster Mom to let him out. Bjorn treats his kennel as his personal cave, and will go into it unprompted to get some alone time. This lovebug does a great job of regulating himself; if Bjorn feels uncomfortable or overwhelmed, he will remove himself from the situation to go relax in his kennel. This smart cookie also already knows the commands “sit,” “lay down,” and “go to bed.”

Bjorn is friends with everyone – including cats, dogs, children, and strangers! He ignores Foster Mom’s cats, but will occasionally want to learn more about them. When this happens, Bjorn will go back to ignoring them after Foster Mom tells him “come” or “leave the cat alone.” This pup truly loves everyone he meets, and shows that by sitting on your feet when first meeting you! He can’t get enough attention, and loves to give attention back in the form of gentle kisses on your chin. 😙 If Bjorn thinks you’ve moved too far away during a belly rub session, he’ll wiggle his way closer to you to make sure you didn’t forget him!

Unfortunately, Bjorn has heartworms and is undergoing treatment. Please consider donating to his medical costs or become his virtual foster. If you are interested in adopting him once he’s ready mid-August, contact our adoption coordinator today!

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