Blanche – Adopted!!!


born ~September 2011

50 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“Girls just want to have fun!” – Cyndi Lauper

Welcome Blanche! Blanche is an 8 year old gal who is full of life and likes to have a good time! While her skin infections have begun to clear up, Ms. Betty Blanche recently had three mammary glands removed with the discovery of mammary tumors, and is currently MAMMORY TUMOR FREE! Foster Mom reports she is a tough broad!

Blanche is fully kennel trained, and will go in on command. She is also completely housebroken, and will go to the door when she has to go outside! Currently Foster Mom is teaching Blanche the command “outside” and “sit,” but she already knows the command “go to bed.” Blanche also has an excellent sense of smell, and loves to sniff out all of life’s little treasures on walks, where her leash skills have improved greatly! She also has learned how easy and fun it is to dismantle stuffed toys, and will take full advantage of that, so she has graduated to longer-lasting toys! She enjoys a good chew (and sniffing out her human’s food – so keep your eyes open!).

As far as energy goes, Blanche is laid-back and would enjoy some short play sessions or a nice walk to keep her healthy. She is a huge fan of walks, and has enjoyed the dog park – especially all of the little dogs she gets to befriend!

Blanche does well with other dogs, especially little ones! She has also met a big dog, and did well with her. When she sees a dog she wants to play with, Blanche will do a little jog over to them, fully excited about play time. She recently got a new canine foster brother, and you can often find the two lazing away, playing together whenever they get the chance!

Blanche can be a bit shy when meeting new people, but is such a joy to be around once she warms up to you. She is also a bit of an independent lady, so while Blanche loves hanging around her people, she is also very content to entertain herself with toys.

Blanche has met children, and did great with them! She was very sweet and patient with them, down to the youngest of the bunch. Foster Mom suggests Blanche would do best in a home with children that are four and up.

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