born ~November 2018

45 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“I’m responsible for my own happiness? I can’t even be responsible for my own breakfast!” -BoJack Horseman (The BoJack Horseman Story, Chapter One [1.01])

It’s true – BoJack can’t make his own breakfast… but he can put a smile on your face! BoJack is 1 year old and 45 pounds of playfulness! This guy wiggles his whole body when he’s excited, and just loves being around his people.

BoJack is housebroken and crate trained! He enjoys getting a treat to go into his kennel, but prefers being out with the rest of the gang instead of hanging out in his kennel. He already knows the commands “sit” and “go to bed,” and is learning “leave it” and “drop it.” 

This lovable pup is cat friendly! BoJack mostly ignores the cats, but thinks of them as friends. He’s more interested in chewing on a toy or trying to get pets than interacting with the cats. He is also reportedly kid friendly, but we’d recommend watching him around younger kids since he might knock them over due to his size. He’s also been around chickens and while curious, wasn’t too interested! 

BoJack currently lives with another dog – ACR adoptable Blanche – and they are best friends! He is good at reading social cues from other dogs, and makes a great play partner. Looking for a socialite? Because BoJack is TOTALLY your guy! He is the most popular dude at the dog park, convincing even the most stubborn of canines to befriend him. 

BoJack is a fun guy and can be found bouncing (literally) around his Foster Home from toy to toy, and friend to friend, just enjoying his life. He’s like a bunny rabbit and it’s absolutely adorable! 

While BoJack does have his energetic side, he also enjoys having some quiet moments too! He particularly loves laying by his people, and showing his love with some doggy kisses. BoJack particularly loves a certain squeaky toy in the house, and enjoys being able to chew on that while snuggling up with foster mom. 

Ready to add more happiness into your life? Then contact us today – BoJack can’t wait to meet you!

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