Bolin – Adopted!!!


born ~November 2016

44 lbs.

Crate trained!


Welcome Bolin! Bolin is a 2-year old pibble-basset hound mix, and weighs 42 pounds pounds. He was recently treated for heartworms and is now ready to find his furever family!

Bolin is housebroken! He lets Foster Mom know when he has to go by standing by the door (or staring at the door) and patiently waiting for Foster Mom to let him outside. Bolin wasn’t so sure of his kennel at first, but making progress with his kennel training! He still needs extra encouragement to go into his kennel, but Foster Mom is working on teaching him to go into the kennel on command. Once in his kennel Bolin does well in it – he’ll eat his meals in it, and keeps it clean! Bolin also has good house and leash manners.

Bolin currently lives with a couple cats, and coexists with them. He needs frequent reminders not to chase them, so he would probably do best in a cat-free home. Bolin also lives with a couple of dogs, including a small dog, and does well with them. He seems to be content to just hang out by himself, though. Bolin has been around kids as young as 2.5 years old, and ignored the child for the most part. He will take a little time to warm up to new human friends, but as soon as he knows that you’re a friend be prepared to have his head in your lap!

Bolin enjoys receiving attention, but is content to just lay by you if you’re busy. Overall, Bolin just wants to chill and lounge around with his people. 😊 He is very gentle and sweet towards his human-companions, gently taking treats from them and not minding if they take it back. Bolin doesn’t need much exercise, he’s generally content to just lounge around and go on walks. But, don’t let that fool you – he can be quite the athletic boy and can jump quite high for his size!

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