Booker – Adopted!!!


born January 1, 2023

5 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning House Training! 

Introducing… The Box Puppies! As their name suggests, they were found in a box and their wonderful foster mom hand-raised them.

Booker is ready for adoption! This little guy has been cleared by our vet. When you meet him, you may notice that he walks just a bit unusually. This is because he’s “a swimmer puppy”. It’s a benign condition that has since been corrected. He is a normal puppy otherwise — there’s just a little pep in his step!

He’s a bit smaller than his siblings, at 3 pounds versus their 5 and will likely be a bit smaller than them as adults. 

 They were born on the first of the year, so it’s pretty easy to keep up with their ages. With three boys and one girl in the litter, it’s been a blast watching them learn to be dogs!

All of them are rambunctious and fun with unique personalities.

The world is ever so exciting and ever changing for them. Started with a solid foundation thanks to the foster home they are in, these pups’ future is based completely on the work you put in once in their home! Because they’re puppies, they’ll be able to fit into just about any home and thrive there with the proper training.

They are ready to meet their forever families. Interested in meeting them? Contact us now!

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