Boone – Adopted!!!


born ~September 2018

58 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


Nature was here a series of wonders and a fund of delight” – Daniel Boone

Welcome Boone! This handsome boy is around two years old and weighs in at about 60 pounds, and he is just about as happy as can be. Boone loves a good adventure, he is waiting to explore the most important new landscape of his life: his forever home! 

Boone is a smart boy, and he’s already housebroken and crate trained! He has been able to let his foster mom know that he needs to go outside by pacing around, and that cue is so helpful for preventing indoor accidents. He’s even learning to ask to go potty by waiting at the door. Boone is able to sleep through the night in his crate and keep it clean, and he even lets his foster mom sleep in on occasion! Boone has mastered “go to bed,” and will sometimes even put himself to bed without being told to! Although he does appreciate a good night treat on occasion. Once he’s in the crate, he’ll settle in quickly and patiently wait until it’s time for him to come out. 

Boone knows lots of commands including “sit,” “wait,” “leave it,” “come,” “touch,” and several commands designed to help with impulse control. He loves to learn and foster mom says he is a very quick study! Like so many smarties, Boone is a big fan of mental stimulation. If it isn’t time to go have fun outside yet, Boone is happy to settle down with some toys to chew; he especially loves his treat dispensing toy. While his foster mom is in class or working, he is happy to sprawl out on his bed and snooze the afternoon away. 

He currently lives in a home with another dog, and if Boone had his way, he’d play all day long with her. Since Boone is very play-oriented, he would LOVE a home with another dog or — better yet —  a whole pack that he can run around with. His favorite thing in the world is going to the dog park to make as many dog friends as possible while running around and requesting the occasional head scratch from the other dog parents. Because Boone loves a good, energetic, and sometimes even wild romp, he’d prefer a home with larger animals or humans that can keep up with him! 

Boone loves getting attention from his humans, and in his perfect world, he can have a new excursion every day. He’s learning that people do have to do work on occasion, but he views his life as a series of play sessions: when one is over, he just has to try to wait patiently until the next one can begin! Boone has been on tons of adventures: dog parks, hikes, and romps in the lake to name a few, and he’s been a natural at just about every one and will likely be down for any activities that are thrown his way. After a fun-filled day, Boone likes to settle in for a nap on the couch.

Boone is such a fun-loving fella, and he wants a human who will take him on lots of exciting expeditions! Could he be your adventure companion? Contact us today!




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