Boone- Pup of the Week!


born ~September 2018

58 lbs.

Nearly Crate Trained!


Nature was here a series of wonders and a fund of delight” – Daniel Boone

Boone is our Pup of the Week!

Welcome Boone! This adventurous explorer is around two years old and weighs in at 58 pounds, and he is just about as cute and he can be. Look at those ears!  

Boone is a smart boy, and he’s already housebroken and crate trained! Boone is able to sleep through the night in his crate and keep it clean. He has been able to let his foster mom know that he needs to go outside by whining and pacing around. Boone is learning to respond to “go to bed” and run into his crate, but no words are needed if he sees a treat in foster mom’s hand! Once he’s in the crate, he’ll settle in pretty quickly, but he gets so excited if he sees a human walk by that might let him out and play.  Another command Boone knows is “sit,” and he is working on “come” and “leave it.”

Boone is a big puppy at heart!  Though he is super sweet and endearing, his foster mom is still working with him on basic manners.  He improved so much so quickly, and continues improving every single day.

He currently lives in a home with another dog, and he would love to play with her but their sizes and energy levels don’t quite match. Boone loves to play with dogs his size, but he also doesn’t mind a smaller dog as long as they can match his enthusiasm. He is learning to read social cues from other dogs, but he is so friendly and views every dog as a potential playmate! Boone would be happy to have a doggy sibling or be the only dog in the home, but he needs to be in a home without cats or other small animals — this boy likes to play hard and can be too much for little critters!

Boone loves getting attention from his humans, and in his perfect world, he can have an energy outlet every day. He’s learning that people do have to do work on occasion, but he views his life as a series of play sessions: when one is over, he just has to try to wait patiently until the next one can begin!  Boone’s favorite thing in the world is going to the dog park to make as many dog friends as possible while running around and requesting the occasional head scratch from the other dog parents.  After these kinds of high-energy activities, Boone can be convinced to snuggle on the couch for the rest of the evening!

Boone recently went for a day trip to his foster-grandparent’s lake house and he walked his feet right into the water for a splash and for a sip of water.  We might have a lake dog on our hands! 

Boone is such a fun-loving fella, and he wants a human who will take him on lots of exciting expeditions! Could he be your adventure companion? Contact us today! 

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