born ~February 2018

41 lbs

Crate trained!

Nearly housebroken

“All my life toys like you have sneered at me. And all my life I’ve been knocking toys like you into the dust.” Brienne the Beauty (Game of Thrones)

Welcome Brienne! Brienne is a 6 month old lab x coonhound mix. Currently she weighs around 35 pounds, and we think she’ll be 50-60 pounds once she’s full grown. While Brienne may not win traditional beauty contests, we think she is adorable and wonderful in her own way. Brienne was found with facial trauma that has healed, leaving her with some snaggle teeth, a crooked snout, and a underbite. Don’t be fooled though, because Brienne doesn’t let that stop her from living life to the fullest!

Brienne has nearly gotten the hang of potty training! We think that with some added time she will fully have it mastered. Foster Mom also told us that Brienne is crate trained! Brienne will gladly run into her crate to wait for breakfast and dinner, and doesn’t mind that her sister (and ACR adoptable) Lyanna sometimes joins her in there. Brienne loves attention, either from her Foster Mom or canine-friends, and is currently working on keeping all four paws on the ground when getting pets.

Brienne is feline-friendly! She met some of the cats at our local vet’s office, and ignored them. She is also great with other dogs, as she currently lives with many other foster siblings. She is a very playful pup, and loves to play with any dog that’ll have her. Brienne recently had a playdate with a puppy, and was very gentle with her! Foster Mom has taken Brienne to the dog park, and absolutely loved playing and frollicking through the park with her newfound doggy-friends

As far as energy goes, Brienne loves a good play session. Since she is a puppy she does have a lot of energy, but will gladly lay down with a bone or toy to self-entertain while her canine-friends and Foster Mom are busy. Brienne is a star pup in terms of likability and attitude, as she doesn’t get upset about anything and will gladly share her toys and bones with any friend who asks.

Think you’re the one to show Brienne that looks don’t matter in your book? Contact us today!

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