Brody – Adopted!!!


born ~March 2020

8 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning Housebreaking!

“A little bit of attention and kindness can totally change a whole life” – Adrien Brody

Welcome Brody! This two month old puppy is only 8 pounds right now, but we expect him to reach around 50 pounds when he’s fully grown. 

Even though Brody’s a very small puppy, he’s making great strides on his crate training and house training. His foster family takes him out frequently, so he’s doing really well with learning that outside is where he does his business. At night, Brody sleeps in his crate, but he will whine to let everyone know that he’s ready for a bathroom break and a little midnight snack. Brody is learning to love his crate. When the door is open, he’ll walk in voluntarily with a toy or two and relax!

Brody lives with another large dog right now, and after some initial shyness, he is starting to engage his foster sister in some play time! Because he’s used to being around other dogs at such a young age, we expect that he will end up being a great dog park dog and be pretty easy-going with them. 

As far as puppies go, Brody is about as laid-back as he can be. He’s spent lots of time with children of all sizes, and LOVES the attention from the kids and will let all of them pick him up. He definitely has his playful moments, but mostly, he’s content to hang out with his people and match their energy level. He can only handle short walks right now, but he loves spending time in the backyard with the family and running around with the kids. 

This sweet boy is ready for his new family. Could it be yours? Contact us today!

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