born ~August 2018

~50 lbs.

Crate trained!!!


“Bubbles!  Bubbles! MY BUBBLES!!!!” – Bubbles, Finding Nemo

Introducing Bubbles! This handsome black and white pup is around a year old and weighs about 50 lbs. No you are not seeing double – Bubbles is ACR adoptable Forrest’s brother! Bubbles loves playing with the other dogs in his foster home and warms up quickly to new people. 

Bubbles is exiting his puppy stage, and has already mastered kennel training! He walks into his kennel on command, and sleeps quietly once in there. Bubbles hasn’t had an accident yet with Foster Mom, but we want to get to know him a little more before we can confidently say that he is potty trained. 

With a name like Bubbles, you’d expect that dog ito be friends with everyone – and he is! Bubbles loves anyone he meets, be them small or large dogs or humans! He is pretty confident in his social skills, and loves to make new friends with any dog he meets. Bubbles is a little more confident when meeting new dogs than when meeting new people, but he recently went to the Farmer’s Market and did a great job of meeting everyone. He hung out with lots of children there, and just soaked up all the love and attention they gave him.

Bubbles enjoys playing around in the backyard with his canine buddies, and wrestling with dogs who are down for that. He definitely needs someone who is willing to get his energy out, but he isn’t a high energy dog. Bubbles is content with a few play sessions or walks during the day, or a trip to the dog park. Other than that, he is just a happy and relaxed fella, who is up for whatever his person wants to do!

Ready to meet your furever best friend and companion? Then contact us today, Bubbles can’t wait to have a new friend!

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