born ~January 2019

40 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live.” -Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Introducing Buffy! This girl is somewhere around one year old and just 40 pounds of love! She likely is close to done growing (if she isn’t already!) and will probably top out at an estimated 45 pounds! She’s got the most incredible dalmation-like spots in the body of a hound dog!

Buffy has nailed crate training! She keeps her crate clean, and even goes in on command (but a little treat every now and then helps!) She sleeps through the night and only gets a bit whiny when she hears foster mom getting her dinner ready – but who could blame her? As far as housetraining goes, Buffy’s GOT it! She is now spotless (only accidents; not her coat, of course!). Buffy knows the commands “sit” and “go to bed”, and is amazing on a leash! She’s currently working on “focus” and keeping all four feet on the floor when meeting new friends! Life is a bit too exciting so we’re learning our manners at the current moment!

Buffy lives with several other dogs and does well with them! She’s also a regular at the dog park and THRIVES there! She loves to play once she gets the confidence thing down. Buffy thinks cats are the most interesting thing in the world – much to the chagrin of her feline counterparts, and likely would do best in a home where she doesn’t have the opportunity to obsess over them.

She previously was around children who were five years old, and she does well! She does need to be supervised since she’ll be eye level with younger children and likes to greet everyone with a hug! She will tell others when she is feeling insecure, so it’s important that children are taught to know her cues! In general though, Buffy loves people! She can be a bit shy at first and is a bit more intimidated sometimes, but give her a few minutes and she’ll be lathering you in kisses! She recently attended an adoption event and did so well, loving on everyone and making tons of friends!

This gal is pretty flexible – not too active, but not too dependent either! She’s a sponge and will likely mold to whatever her future forever home helps her be! She’d be a good running buddy or dog park regular, but would also do well with some snuggles (preferably in your bed) and independent playtime!

Buffy is learning so many fun things about life currently! From the fact that she has an identical twin (her reflection in a mirror), and that she can chase the birds in her backyard along the fence line, Buffy is enjoying everything that life has to offer her!

Are you searching for a pup with the cutest curious head tilt in the state of Georgia? Well then Buffy surely is your girl! Contact us today!

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