Captain – Special Needs


born ~ January 2017

50 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!


“Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.” – Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Carribean

Introducing Captain! This goofy boy has earned himself the name of “Captain Cannonball” in his foster home because he’s just as silly as they come! At just around 3.5 years old and 50 pounds, Captain has some years under his belt, but still that joyful youth everybody looks for in a pup! Captain has only one eye, but that doesn’t phase him and he takes the world by storm! 

Captain is already housebroken and crate-trained. He can sleep through the night without needing to go outside for a bathroom break, and he will follow a treat in and nap in his crate when his foster family is out of the house. With his easy-going personality and basic training, it should be smooth sailing! 

Captain gets along so well with all of his shipmates. He lives with many large, older dogs, but he’s also proven himself to be friendly with a younger and smaller dog too. Captain has a lot of energy, but if his friends aren’t up for playing and want to nap, he’ll take a few minutes to rest up, too. 

On a normal day, Captain will go on a stroll around his neighborhood, but once it cools down, he’d probably start enjoying a long walk or hike. Most of his energy comes out from playing with other dogs right now. As long as he’s got an opportunity for plenty of exercise, he’ll be a happy boy! 

When Captain meets someone new, he’s very confident, just like a Captain should be. He will run right up and happily greet anyone willing to give him attention. He is a party animal who loves to be the center of attention and work a crowd. He’s got a happy dance and a spin move that he loves to show off to new friends.

Captain is such a happy boy whenever he is, but he is looking to set sail on a new adventure. Are you his perfect first mate? Contact us today!


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