Chancey – Adoption Pending!


born ~May 2018

50 lbs.

Crate trained!


Come take a chance on Chancey

Welcome Chancey! Chancey is a sweet 6-month old American Bulldog puppy. Chancey currently weighs ~50 pounds, and will probably top out at around 60-70 pounds.

Chancey has graduated from Potty Training 101 with gold stars, and is officially potty trained! Chancey also does great in her crate. She keeps her crate clean when she’s in it, and will go in with a little food encouragement. Once inside, Chancey will lay down and go to sleep – you won’t hear a peep out of her. Foster Mom has been working with Chancey on learning new commands, and now knows “”sit” and “stay.” Chancey also has good house manners, and only chews on her toys instead of other objects in the house!

Chancey is good with kids! She has been around kids aged 6-13 years old, and just wanted to play with them. She also does well with other dogs, and Foster Mom told us that Chancey gets along great with her older dogs. Since Chancey is still a puppy she can get a little rowdy with them sometimes; but, she has learned dog code for, “I don’t want to play” and backs off once she gets that message! We think she’d have a great time at the dog park, as she loves meeting new dogs and playing with them.

Chancey would be happiest with a family that’s willing to work with her to get some of her puppy energy out. She loves walks around the blocks, wrestling sessions with doggie-friends, and exploring the outdoors in rainy weather. After a walk or play session, Chancey is ready to snuggle up next to Foster Mom and take a snooze. She loves to be loved on, but understands that you might have other thing to do than snuggle with her. There’s only one thing Chancey loves more than snuggling with her family: her tennis ball. Chancey almost always has a ball, and will even sleep with it!

Ready to take a chance on Chancey? Contact us today, and see if she’s willing to take a chance on you, too!

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