born ~ May 2019

10 lbs.

Learning Crate Training!

Learning Housebreaking!

“You live but once; you might as well be amusing.” – Coco Chanel

Meet Coco! Coco is a 4 month old happy-go-lucky puppy that lives for playing and having fun! She loves wrestling with her foster brother, after which she takes a much needed puppy power nap.

Coco is making good progress on her potty training and kennel training. She will go into her kennel for treats, but will whine for a little bit once left inside. With a little more time she should have these two skills mastered – especially since she is very food motivated and eager to learn! Coco’s foster sibling has been doing a great job teaching Coco some good dog skills – like how to play tug-of-war! When Coco gets excited, she likes to show off how well she can spin – it’s the cutest.

Coco can be a little shy when meeting new people and dogs. Once she gets comfortable, her shyness goes away and she just wants to play! Coco enjoys playing with her foster sibling, but is content to chew on some toys or nap when on her own. Currently Coco is content with getting her energy out with some zoomies and through play sessions with her foster sibling, and has typical puppy energy.

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