born ~April 2017

52 lbs.

Crate trained!


“What the colt learns in youth he continues in old age.” – French Proverb

Welcome Colt!! This two year old, 52 pound tree walker coonhound loves to run and play, bay, and absolutely loves his people.

Colt already has the command “sit,” potty training, and kennel training down! He will run into his kennel on his own, and sleeps peacefully in it at night. Colt likes to sing Foster Mom a short farewell song as she leaves, but he finishes by the time Foster Mom reaches her car.

Looking for a super friendly dog – then Colt is your guy. His definition of “stranger” is just a friend that he hasn’t met yet. Doesn’t matter whether they’re dog or human, guy or gal, he just wants to play and make friends with everyone! Even though he loves being around his friends, he also enjoys his alone time (especially when he gets to sniff around the dog park). If he’s at home, then he’ll be content to just lay near you, and isn’t demanding about being petted.

Colt is ready to be your outdoors partner! We think he’d make a great running / jogging partner, and Colt told us that he is open to training for longer distance runs if that’s what his furever family wants! But, he would also just be happy with some play time and the occasional trip to the dog park.

Think you’re ready to harmonize with Colt when he bays and sings? Then contact us today!

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