born ~February 2018

15 lbs.

Crate trained!

Learning housebreaking

Looking for your own personal cloud? Look no further – Cricket, 15 pounds of fluffy wonderfulness is just what you are looking for! She’s about a year old, and is currently working on increasing her confidence. 😊

Cricket is fully kennel trained! She views her kennel as her safe space , and will go into it when she needs her alone time. Cricket is still working on potty training, though, but should have it mastered soon. She tends to enjoy her privacy, and is adjusting to doing her business outside while Foster Mom is around. Cricket seems to be really trying her best, and we understand that she just needs some extra time to adjust!

Cricket truly is a shy little gal, so she can get a little overwhelmed when rambunctious dogs and new people are around. She’s hung out with laid-back and independent dogs, and has done well with them. However, Cricket isn’t a super playful pup with most dogs; this may change as her confidence grows, but only time will tell! She also takes a little bit to warm up to new human-friends, but will eventually show her wonderful cuddly self once she knows you’re a friend.

Cricket is a pretty laid back dog, who currently just enjoys cuddling up with her person! This introvert doesn’t need much – just someone to love on her and help show her that the world isn’t as scary as it seems. Does that sound like you? Then contact us today!

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Janis Ruchalski

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