born ~September 2016

41 lbs

Nearly Crate Trained!

House Broken!!!

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope” – Lady Bird Johnson

Welcome Dahlia! This precious 40-pound, 4-year-old pup just finished raising her litter of 8 beautiful puppies, and she did such a wonderful job being a good mama and watching her babies grow up and get ready to join their forever families. Now, she is ready to find her own!

She is already housebroken, and she has been working on her crate-training since her babies have left the nest. She was so busy with caring for her garden of little ones over the past few months, but now that she’s able to focus on herself, she’s making great progress getting more comfortable in her crate.

Other than her own, Dahlia doesn’t seek out attention and play from other dogs, but she’s happy to do her own thing with them around. Dahlia can entertain herself with toys or exploring in the backyard, and we think that once she has a little more time to get used to hanging around grown-ups, she might learn to like playing with them too! 

Dahlia loves to get one-on-one attention from her humans, and she is perfectly content to lay around and have a lazy day with the family if that’s what’s on the agenda. That being said, she does get her occasional bout of zoomies, and she loves to spend time outside in the fresh air! 

This mama absolutely loves any people that come along her path, and from the moment she meets a new person, she wants to be their new best friend. When you are sitting down, she’ll crawl into your lap and invite herself for a snuggle or two, but if you’re standing, it’s a bit more challenging for her to figure out how to cuddle up (but that doesn’t mean she won’t try!). Even though she’s a snuggler, she also understands that her people can’t be around her all the time, and she can entertain herself with a chew toy when people are busy or need some space. 

Like so many mamas out there, Dahlia is patient, forgiving, and always looking to make those around her smile, and she is SO GOOD at it. She has done a wonderful job focusing on her babies, but it’s time to let this mom get pampered and put herself first! Could she be the perfect addition to your family? Contact us today! 

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