Dali – Adoption Pending!


born ~April 19, 2019

6.5 lbs.

Learning crate training

Learning housebreaking

“Every morning when I wake up, I experience an exquisite joy – the joy of being Dali” – Salvador Dalí

Welcome Dali! Dali’s an adorable AmStaff puppy who currently weighs 12 lbs at 10 weeks old. We think she’ll be a squat, muscular 60-lb gal when she’s full grown. Right now she’s just doing all the normal puppy things; rotating between eating, sleeping, playing, and pottying. As she gets older, we are starting to see her personality develop.

Puppies require lots of training, and while Foster Mom is giving her a solid foundation, Dali still has a lot to learn! From teething to house training to exploring the big wide world!  Training a puppy is more than just sit, stay, lay down; it is months of hard (but rewarding!) work to ensure they have all skills they need to be a social well rounded pup! Thanks to Foster Mom’s hard work, Dali is on the path to mastering potty training and kennel training, and happily sleeps in her kennel!

So far, Dali appears to be a very social and confident puppy. She loves being around other dogs and hanging around familiar and new people – especially when they give her food! Food is her main joy in life, and Dali is always ready to put more of it in her belly! Currently Dali just needs some play sessions at home to keep her healthy. Since she is a puppy she can’t do any heavy duty exercising; but, she may need more exercise as she gets older and her body is more able to handle it.

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