born ~February 2020

22 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!!

House Broken!!!!

“God blessed me with a lot of heart and no height, and I’ll take that any day.”
—Nate Robinson

Say hello to Darcie, our adorable little low-rider! This sweetie was quickly adopted and returned (through no fault of her own), and is now seeking her perfect forever home. She weighs in at just 22 pounds and is 3 years old.

Darcie came to us a little unsure about house etiquette, but has since proven herself a quick learner and a tidy girl. She is now completely housebroken thanks to her foster family’s patience and work with her. She’s also crate-trained, if by crate-trained we mean “goes in, keeps it clean, and doesn’t destroy anything” (which we do). We do not mean “loves the crate,” unfortunately, as Darcie doesn’t want to miss out on what her family is doing, and, uh, has a lot to say about it. Her foster family says she sleeps through the night in her bed on the floor, and grudgingly tolerates the crate when left home alone. She also knows “sit” and “leave it,” because she’s a very good girl. 

We haven’t seen Darcie around cats, but she’s confident and playful with other dogs—sometimes she becomes so exuberant she requires correction from those other pups or foster mom. As for kids, well, they’re just smaller humans, and Darcie knows all about being small. 

With her family, Darcie is loving and playful, and always down to snuggle. With new people, Darcie is a bit hesitant (she may go in for a sniff and then back up to bark), but even Stranger Danger is no match for Darcie’s kryptonite: treats. Arm your visitors with snacks and they’ll be her new pals in no time. 

Darcie is a reliable couch buddy who enjoys a short walk or two and short play sessions each day. Will she rip that stuffed toy to shreds and bring you the carcass for a game of tug? Yeah, she definitely will. Will she get the zoomies and pull out all her toys and then run back to you for a snuggle and a snooze? Absolutely. Will she follow you around the house—not pestering, just happy to be near you—and hope you drop some food? We think you know the answer to that one. 

What Darcie lacks in leg length she more than makes up for in love and ridiculousness. You want a goofy little shadow in your life like Darcie, we can tell. Contact us today!

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