Dexter – Adoption Pending!


born ~July 2018

36 lbs.

Crate trained!

Nearly housebroken

Welcome Dexter! Dexter is a super sweet 6 month old boxer puppy, weighing 35 pounds. He should top out between 50-60 pounds once full grown. Dexter enjoys spending his days playing and then playing some more – either by himself or with his friends!

Dexter is nearly housebroken! He has started signalling to Foster Mom when he needs to go outside, and we should be able to confidently say that he is housebroken soon. Dexter is also kennel trained, but he does need a little food encouragement to happily go into his kennel. He will whine for a few moments once you leave, but quiets down quickly. Foster Mom told us that Dexter is a fast learner, so we think he’d be great for learning new tricks and obedience tasks!

Dexter is dog friendly! He absolutely loves hanging out and playing with other dogs, and wants to be friends with every dog he meets. Dexter is a submissive pup, and is fairly good at respecting boundaries that his dog-friends set up for him. Because of all these quality, Dexter makes a great dog park dog, and loves going there. Dexter also loves making new human-friends – and the attention they give him. He isn’t demanding or needy about wanting attention; truthfully he is often too busy playing to ask for it.

Dexter is a high energy pup! He is always ready to go, and will definitely need an active family that is willing to give him the exercise that he needs. Heavy duty play sessions, trips to the dog park, or going to doggy day care are all good ways to get his energy out. Dexter would make a great running partner, too, once he gets older! Dexter also gets some of his energy out on his own – he loves to play with his stuffed toys.

Overall, Dexter is an amazing and energetic puppy who can’t wait to spend the rest of his life playing with his furever family. Think that’s you? Contact us today!

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