born ~September 2015

21 lbs.

Crate trained!


It was the best of times, but it was never the worst of times with Dickens!

Welcome Dickens! Dickens is a 3 year old chi x doxie mix. Dickens weighs around 21 pounds, and shouldn’t get any bigger since he is full grown!

Dickens is working on his potty training! He takes a little while to settle into new places, and can have a few accidents during this time. After he becomes comfortable, he becomes an accident-free pup! Dickens is also crate trained! Dickens will go into his kennel on command, and with go to sleep in there all on his own. He may try to tell you a story if Dickens thinks that he is being left out of a fun time on the town, but otherwise will settle in his crate quite nicely! Besides that, he has also mastered the commands “sit” and “lay down.”

Dickens is great with other dogs – big or small, he doesn’t discriminate! One of his favorite activities is playing, so he will gladly play with any dog that will have him! Dickens has been to the dog park a couple of times, and tries to make all the dogs there his buddies. If he isn’t playing at the dog park, he is content to get out his energy by running around in the backyard or playing with his favorite toys. He is a fairly active dog, but knows how to relax. If there are activities happening around him, he wants to join – but if the family is trying to relax he knows to relax with them.

Dickens is a confident pup who thinks everyone is a friend, and as such does great with all people! At a recent ACR event, he hopped up into a visitor’s lap just to relax and say hello. If he knows you, then you should 100% expect to be asked to snuggle and give some pets. But, if you’re busy he will go lay by himself on the edge of the couch. But, his favorite thing is to snuggle and get affection, so be prepared for a happy smile from Dickens when you tell him it’s snuggle time. 😊

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