Dorothy – Adoption Pending!


born ~July 2019

28 lbs.

Crate Trained!!!

Nearly Housebroken!!!

“There’s no place like home.” Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

Welcome Dorothy! Sweet little Dorothy is around nine months old and 28 pounds! She’s still a puppy so she’s got a bit of growing to do yet, but should not get bigger than 35lbs at most.

Dorothy is crate-trained and almost has the hang of house-training! She currently keeps her crate clean and sleeps through the night and only has accidents if she isn’t let outside often enough! As far as her crate goes, Dorothy see it as her safe space! She eats all her meals in the crate, and only pouts if her canine siblings aren’t there while she is.

Dorothy is a little shy and submissive but jumps quickly into being friends with new canine pals! She lives with other dogs in her foster home and she loves to play and snuggle with them! She recently made a trip to the dog park and had a blast! 

Dorothy has met cats and is generally really good with them. Sometimes she thinks about chasing them, but will mostly back off and ignore them, especially if they express their annoyance with her. She has met some chickens at her foster home and tried play bowing to them! They of course did 

As far as people go, she’s growing ever more confident by the day! She loves people after her initial shyness, and will give kisses all around. She’s been around children and does well with them, though she’s much more brave with those at eye-level to her! She is affectionate, and loves to be with her people getting pets and love whenever she can.

Dorothy matches the atmosphere of those around her, and will do whatever everyone else is doing. Whether it be racing around the room, or taking a nap in a sunny spot, you’ll find Dorothy there. Right now she loves taking walks, and running around the yard with her siblings!

If Dorothy clicks her paws together, will her red slippers bring her home to you? Contact us today!

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