Dory – Adopted!!!


born ~October 2017

30 lbs

Nearly crate trained

Nearly housebroken

“When life gets you down, you know what you got to do? Just keep swimming!” – Dory

Welcome Dory! Dory is a 10 month old lab x pitbull mix, and weighs around 30 pounds. We think she’ll top out at maybe 45 pounds once full grown. A quick medical note about Dory – she recently had one of her front legs amputated, due to a severe break in her elbow that was healing incorrectly prior to her new life with ACR. After she recovers she’ll be back to her wiggly fish self and up for adoption!

Dory is nearly housebroken! Given some more time we think she’ll have it mastered, but currently Foster Mom and her are working on giving a proper signal to show that she needs to go outside. Dory is also nearly crate trained! She will go in for a treat or a favorite toy, but will bark for a little bit before calming down. We think that once her leg has healed and she is able to get more exercise she’ll become more comfortable with her crate.

Dory is good with other dogs! She currently lives with other dogs, and we think once she is healed up she will be excited to play with them more. Currently, she loves to run around with her toys and play with those – so she can easily self entertain while the other dogs or Foster Mom are busy. We haven’t seen her with kids yet, and think that she might overwhelm younger kids due to her current energy level. However, we think that she would be good with older kids and would love to play with them!

Overall, Dory is a happy pup! She is in love with her toys – Foster Mom told us that Dory always has at least one toy in her mouth, and seems to be constantly on the lookout for more toys. Sometimes she doesn’t want to abandon her toys so she’ll take them to the water bowl with her! Besides bonding with her toys, she also bonds with her people really quickly, and will always accept affection from those around her.

Think you’re the one to fulfill Dory’s dream of finding her parents? Contact us today!

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