Dug – Adopted!!!


born December 17, 2018

4 lbs

Learning crate training

Learning  housebreaking

“I was hiding under your porch because I love you. Can I stay?” – Dug, Up (2009)

Introducing Dug! Dug is one of Pixie’s puppies born on December 17, 2019. While his sisters got adopted, Buzz and Dug are still looking for their furever homes!

Like his animated counterpart, Dug has a gorgeous golden-colored coat. Dug is the biggest pup enjoys playing and entertaining himself!  Dug definitely marches to the tune of his own drum and makes his own excitement. He likes to play with his siblings but more often than not, he loves finding toy and doing his own thing or peaking his nose into the older pups kennel to say hello! He also loves food and is usually the one signaling Foster Mom that’s it’s meal time.

Puppies require lots of training. Foster Mom is giving them a solid foundation, but Dug still has a lot to learn!  From teething to house training to exploring the big wide world! Training a puppy is more than just sit, stay, lay down; it is months of hard (but rewarding!) work to ensure they have all skills they need to be a social well rounded pup!

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